Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Update on Smut Mondays and FFFAs!

The thread is up at Twilighted.net, with the guest author schedule for Smut Mondays and FFFAs. Visit the thread here. As previously noted, my first contribution will be on Friday, April 17, 2009.

Four words about mine:





MINE, by Stricnina

Thank you to ornamentaltissueboxes, a reader who found this print on deviantART and thought of ExJ and was kind enough to forward it on to me. :)

MINE, by Stricnina

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Breakfast at Tiffany's, by profmom72 and hmonster4

This is an absolutely sweet ExB love story. Breakfast at Tiffany's I highly, highly recommend it. Some lemons later on but the main draw for me is the gradual building of the relationship.

Friday Free-For-All on Twilighted

The Twilighted forums are bringing back their Smut Mondays feature; and introducing a new feature called Friday Free-For-All. A new one-shot or outtake of an existing story will be contributed each week, by a series of guest authors. I’m honoured to have been invited to contribute!

Watch for the feature on the Alternate Universe-All Human forum at Twilighted.net. My first contribution will be featured on Friday, April 17. Between now and then, please check out the supah-dupah smutty stories from the other very talented authors who contribute to the feature!

Please note that Twilighted has an NC-17 rating available for their stories, and that readers who attempt to access stories with this rating, must register a username on the site. The story will be cross-posted on FF.net as well.

Evading the Orbit, by TrampyVampies

There is a new ExJ slash fic on FF.net. Evading The Orbit is the freshman offering from TrampyVampies. One chapter, and I'm already hooked. If you're a slash fic, and particularly an ExJ pairing fan (droooooool), you should check it out. :)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

OTT mentioned on Cullen Boys Anonymous

Cullen Boys Anonymous recently did a three-part interview with AngstGoddess003, the amazingly talented author of Wide Awake - arguably the best-known AU-AH fanfic in the Twilight fandom (and if you haven't read it: This is an emergency broadcast: stop whatever you're doing right now, cancel your plans for the next 36-ish hours, and do nothing else until you have finished the current 44 chapters. This is not a test). I nearly fell over when I read her mention of OTT as one of her favourite slash fics.

The interview is completely worth reading, particularly in the shadow of CensorGate, which was precipitated by Wide Awake. This link takes you to Part 3, wherein you will find links to the first two parts of the interview as well.

Many thanks to AG for the props. xoxo

Friday, March 27, 2009

OTT mentioned on TLYDF

The Lazy, Yet Discerning Ficster is a highly-respected blog on the subject of Twilight fanfic. The aforementioned manyafandom recently wrote a guest contribution for TLYDF, and I'm honoured to say that she mentioned OTT as one of her current favourite stories. Please check out her column here.

HormoneBlind, by Jeff Thomas

I followed a link in a reviewer’s profile to her Deviant Art profile, and one of her favourites is a fantastic print by Jeff Thomas; the print is called HormoneBlind.
You can view Jeff's DeviantArt profile here. I’ve placed a link to the print on my FF.net profile as well. I think it couldn’t be a better depiction of these boys if I had commissioned it myself (facial piercings aside, but, god, I am SUCH a sucker for a boy with a little hoop in his lower lip). Have a look around Jeff’s profile as well – I’m sure you’ll recognize his characters Pon & Zi. Please show the boy some much-deserved love. :)

It Never Entered My Mind, by Miles Davis

The first song that Edward & Jasper dance to in Ch 10:

Here are Lorenz Hart's original lyrics for this song:

I don't care if there's powder on my nose.
I don't care if my hairdo is in place.
I've lost the very meaning of repose.
I never put a mudpack on my face.
Oh, who'd have thought
that I'd walk in a daze now?
I never go to shows at night,
but just to matinees now.
I see the show
and home I go.

Once I laughed when I heard you saying
that I'd be playing solitaire,
uneasy in my easy chair.
It never entered my mind.

Once you told me I was mistaken,
that I'd awaken with the sun
and order orange juice for one.
It never entered my mind.

You have what I lack myself
and now I even have to scratch my back myself.

Once you warned me that if you scorned me
I'd sing the maiden's prayer again
and wish that you where there again
to get into my hair again.
It never entered my mind.

I'll See It Through, by Texas

This is the second song that Edward and Jasper dance to in Chapter 10.

Lyrics | Texas lyrics - I'll See It Through lyrics

OTT nominated for Lion and Lamb Fanfiction Awards

Over The Top has been nominated for three “The Lion and the Lamb” awards, in the following categories: Best Lemon (Incomplete); Best Side Romance (Incomplete); and Best Work-in-Progress. Thank you a thousand times to those who nominated the story! To see the nominationss (which are open until March 28); and to vote, once the voting opens, please visit the website here.

manyafandom's Deviant Pick of the Week

Have you visited The Perv Pack's Smut Shack? It's a fantastic blog rounding up the cream (ahem) of the crop (rawr!) of the Twilight fanfic world. The Perv Pack each contribute to reviewing a particular ff each week; plus the sidebar has their daily "goodies", each contributed by a different Pack member.

Manyafandom (author of All I Ever Knew and The Arrangement) has a Thursday feature called Deviant Pick of the Week. Recently she featured OTT. The increase in the story's traffic as a result of her recommendation was astounding. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. :)

In the same week, PurdueLiz's Pervy Word for Tuesday was a discussion on the words "top" and "bottom" as they relate to sexual relationships; and she linked up OTT, as these words are reasonably apropos to the relationship between ExJ.

While I'm mentioning the PPSS, Tallulah Remiter is a Pack member who has also become a friend behind the scenes. :) She's the Pack's "naughty librarian". Smooches to Lu, to Manyafandom, and to PurdueLiz. xoxo

OTT's thread on Twilighted.net

The boys have their own thread on the Alternate Universe-All Human forum on Twilighted.net. I hang out there, along with a group of my cheerleaders. Please check it out here.

Jasper the Mathlete

Or, Mathsper, as my friend mozzer0906 has affectionately dubbed him. :) Mozzer, herself a former Mathlete, pointed out to me that, in her experience, Mathleticism (my word – I’m a little proud of it) tended to focus on the technical aspects of math, rather than business-related math; and so Jasper’s Mathlete background might not have figured largely in his decision to be an accounting major. I have to plead ignorance on this one; my school district didn’t have Mathletes, so all I know of them, I learned from high school movies, vis a vis “Never Been Kissed” (remember The Denominators?). LOL So, please suspend your disbelief on my behalf.

Because my author's notes would be epic otherwise

You know, I have much more to say than anybody should really want to listen to. And yet, I feel like I still need to say it. I have stuff about the boys & the story in general; related stuff going on in the real world; props & shout-outs I want to give; songs that have influenced the story; nominations for the story; mentions that have been made; other stories I'm loving...et cetera. And I hate to have author's notes that significantly inflate my word count.

So here I am. I'm going to start by revisiting the stuff I've already mentioned in previous A/Ns.

I'm just doing it for you, bbs. xo