Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Gardener, by Rosalee Lorraine

The Gardener

Super, super hot, one-shot slash fic featuring Jasper as a slick, rich, fuck-em-and-send-em-packing guy; and Edward as his gardener who drives Jasper crazy with his utterly unconcerned response to all Jasper's attempts to seduce him. One of the most inventive sex scenes I've read in the fanfic world!

The Vampire in the Basement, by michellephants

I adore, simply adore, this AU story: The Vampire in the Basement. Here is the synopsis:

While hunting one afternoon, the boys stumble upon what appears to be a corpse. When they learn it's a severely broken vampire, they take him home to do what they can to help. But of course, fate has plans for this man. Canon Couples. AU.

Michellephants' story is just fabulous. Much angst; and the story progression is true to the spirit of the story - that is to say, she doesn't rush through the important processes involved in the pursuit of "getting to the popular stuff". I highly recommend it.

Friday, April 17, 2009

We Three

So, my submission for the Friday Free-For-All, to which I have alluded several times, is now 'out & proud' on Twilighted, here. I have also posted it on Fanfiction.net, here (and with the blessing of Ninapolitan who initiated the FFFA), as the readers on FF.net have been really supportive of Over The Top.

The story is called We Three, and it is a CxExJ slash-polyamory fic. Please check it out, on the site of your choice.

Friday, April 10, 2009

mozzer0906 aka Shannon

I was going to mention this in the Temptation podcast post, but I realized it really needs to be stated in its own post.

I was thrilled to hear my friend mozzer0906 (pronounced like mozzarella, btw) mentioned in the slash discussion on the podcast. Mozzer is known IRL as Shannon. I've known her since long before Twilight became part of my life; but I can say with certainty that we bonded as a result of Twilight, and my friendship with her has become a daily constant in my life.

Let me share with you some of the reasons I love her. Shannon is one of my go-to people for writing. If I hit a roadblock, she is unfailingly there for me when I need to hash something out. She has a way of dissecting a story arc and making one or two little suggestions, and it just opens up the story for me. I visualize her contribution as though she's tapping gently on a non-descript looking rock, and it falls into two pieces to reveal beautifully-coloured crystals on the inside - the effect is that profound.

Shannon also the queen of the Twilight online world - I swear, I wouldn't know half the times OTT is mentioned on the net, outside of Twilighted and FF.net, if not for her. Add to that, she supplies a daily dose of Robporn to our little group of Twilight friends and adds a hot, delicious helping of Jackson just for me. She is my number one cheerleader, and I have to tell you, bbs - I'm a pretty big fan of her too. xoxo She is wickedly funny and endearingly verbose, and we are so much inside each other's heads it's not even funny.

Thank you for everything, bb. xoxo

OTT mentioned on DefinitelyStaying's Fanfiction Blog

I am a huge fan and faithful reader of The Forbidden Room, an awesome d/s story by DefinitelyStaying. She has a blog, much like this one; and I'm much honoured that she reviewed OTT there. Thank you so much, DS! :)

I'm also going to link you to DS's FF.net profile, because she is a prolific writer, and they're all deliciously readable. I recommend starting with Fantasies!

OTT mentioned on Temptation: A Twilight Fanfiction Podcast

If you are a Twilight fanfic reader (and honestly, why would you be here otherwise, yes?) you may enjoy the Temptation podcast. It's a weekly round-up of news and discussion on the world of Twilight fanfic.

Episode 13: Yay! Hooray! For Hope!, with a release date of April 9, 2009, featured a discussion on the subject of slashfic - a subject near and dear to my heart, as you may imagine. :) Hope, aka manyafandom (pronounced Many A Fandom, for those who wondered - I'm proud to say I had it right!) was a guest host on this episode. I am proud to say that Over The Top was one of the featured slashfics discussed in the episode, and Hopey-my-Hopey gave a glowing review. I am heart-warmed and utterly grateful to Hope and to the Temptation chicas for mentioning OTT.

Speaking of Hope, her entry in the Friday Free-For-All was posted today, and it is all kinds of hot.

At The Deep End, by naelany

A new JxE slashfic is on the scene and holy hell, it is sweet with heat! At The Deep End The synopsis reads as follows: After an encounter at camp many years ago Jasper thought he would never see Edward again but little did he know who his new teammate would turn out to be.......

It's seven chapters in and I am loving it, completely. Check it out!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Checking in

I know I haven't posted an update of OTT since a week ago Tuesday. I wanted to get my FFFA submission wrapped up in plenty of time - as it iturns out, it went much faster than I could have imagined and I was done a week early! The nice thing is that I now have a four-day weekend ahead of me and I can write write write. Hooray for long weekends!

Tomorrow is the first entry of the Friday Free-F0r-All, kicked off by the awesome manyafandom! Make sure to visit the Alternate Universe - All Human - ninapolitan will post the link to the story tomorrow morning.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

To clear up any confusion

I've gotten a few emails asking me about a new OTT story that's been posted on FF.net and on Twilighted, called Over The Top: Terror on Gay Street. It is not connected with me in any way; it is, obviously, based heavily on the first chapter of OTT.

The author contacted me a few weeks ago, and asked if it would be okay if he based a story off my first chapter. I said, it's okay, but I'd like to read it before it goes up, and you need to mention OTT in the author's notes to avoid confusion.

The author did not forward it to me for reading before posting it. He did send me a PM on FF.net once the first chapter was up - it's the only chapter I've read, though I see it's up to three chapters as I'm writing this. In all honesty, I'm unhappy that he has used the name Over The Top - I know I can't be proprietary about the names of the characters, but I feel possessive of the name, definitely. I sent a request to him yesterday, to change the name of the story on FF.net, requesting that he omit "Over The Top". I didn't realize it was on Twilighted too, though, until I received the emails from OTT readers.

Not really sure how to proceed from this point, but that's my story, dear readers; please just know that the story, despite sharing a name, is entirely unrelated to mine.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Snapshots, by SUPER AMAZING


The title of this story is a very apt description this ExJ slash fic. It is a series of vignettes of their relationship throughout the years, starting with the day they met. It's so sweet and hot. These stories are the prequel to "Ink Me, Baby", and is based on the photographs Alice looks at in the boys' bedroom. The author's writing style is very easy to read; it's casual and has the odd colloquialism that reflects her Irish nationality.

Thank you to Requited for the recommendation. :)