Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Gardener, by Rosalee Lorraine

The Gardener

Super, super hot, one-shot slash fic featuring Jasper as a slick, rich, fuck-em-and-send-em-packing guy; and Edward as his gardener who drives Jasper crazy with his utterly unconcerned response to all Jasper's attempts to seduce him. One of the most inventive sex scenes I've read in the fanfic world!


Tallulah said...

I think this fic came up on one of the communities I follow & I enjoyed it, too. I loved how Edward had Jasper seriously second-guessing himself. Hot, indeed! ;)


mozzer0906 said...

I thought this one was super hot as well. Just thinking about those boys rolling around in the dirt is beyond yummy.

Criosa said...

did the link change? cuz I'm ending up at one called Emergency!

Starfish422 said...

Oh, shoot! I'm so sorry about that - I will fix the link immediately. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. :)