Friday, May 1, 2009

A Jasper manip

This one is mine. I created this several weeks ago in anticipation of the scenes that took place in Chapter 16. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to use Jackson's appearance in "Close To Home" for this.


Hannah said...

Oh lord, I think my heart just broke. :(

Anonymous said...

As if I weren't sick enough after reading this chapter, this image of Jasper will be forever seared on my brain. You're mean. **fakepout* The boys are pure freakin' love.

Shelley said...

poor jasper :(
rip my heart out why don't you!
i'm completely with you on the half box of tissues.
youre such a powerful writer, and i'm 4000% hooked on your story.
don't know what i'll do if they don't get a happy ending soon!
i'll probably drown in my tears.
if they aren' going to freaking kiss and make up in the next chapter, then at least let's see that edwards hurting too! you're killing me, woman!
boo hoo.