Sunday, May 24, 2009

One Million Miles, by J Ralph

Another musical inspiration for Chapter 20; when Edward is driving to the place where he can "re-learn" to love, this is the song I imagine.


SharonMacross said...

Great forshadow-y song but I was mesmerized by the finger porn on display. =D~

Great chapter, glad you went to that particular door =T

Starfish422 said...

OMG, I know, right? I was entranced watching it as well. :)

Anonymous said...


Where is the next chapter?????

I just read the entire story in one sitting ( I should have been working, but oh well ).

And then I hit chapter 20 and that's it? No more chapters? Talk about CRUEL!!!! Where is the next chapter????

Please please PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post the next chapter? This is almost physically painful! I have to know what happens!

Please? *big smile* Pretty please?

Anonymous said...

Oh, and great song! Really haunting.