Monday, January 14, 2013


It seems my plans to use this blog to write about my life haven't quite come to fruition. I did, in September, write a non-fiction article about my childhood and adolescence. It was written in response to a submission call from a magazine, but I realized after I wrote it that the magazine only accepted submissions from US residents. I thought about posting it here but I may still spiffy it up and submit it elsewhere.

In the meantime I am still working away on my original novel. It's taken me far longer than I could possibly have imagined. I started writing it just about two years ago (though the exact date has been lost since I had to replace my hard drive last March). I have less than 9000 words to go, and it may in fact be even less than that - perhaps about 6k-8k to wrap it up. It is hard to write with only my own conscience (and the encouragement of a couple of good friends) to keep me going. So different from the fanfic days when I used to turn out four or five thousand words every week or two! Instant gratification, you are an evil mistress.

So the number which serves as title to this post is my current word-count, and after this story is finished I have outlines in my head for at least three more novels. :) The next one will require hella research because of the time period and the setting, but I'm looking forward to that challenge.

Hope everyone is well, for those with whom I used to keep in touch here. I'm still on Twitter, @starfish422 and there's my author site as well:

xoxo Katie Starfish