Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year!...and more teasers

So...I'm really, really sorry to tell you that the Deep Dish epilogue will not be posted before the year is up. I had high hopes, but it's not quite there yet.

Therefore, I'm going to give you a few more teasery teases for the chapter. :)




Enjoy! I wish you a wonderfully happy and safe New Year!

Much love,

Katie Starfish xoxoxo

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Love and Family

The We Give a Damn twitter account tweeted this very short story today and it made me feel so sympathetic to this woman's situation. True Colors « Give A Damn I believe she does want to forgive her family, and if that's truly her desire I hope she can find a way to do so.

Monday, December 27, 2010

New year (almost), new look

Happy holidays! I hope you're having a wonderful and restful holiday season with your loved ones. I had a lovely Christmas with my family and I'm looking forward to a few more days off before I head back to work.

As you've probably noticed, things look a little different around the blog these days. It was time for a change, leaving behind the Chicago background. Hope you like the new look!

I am working away on the Deep Dish epilogue and am still hopeful about getting it posted before the end of the year. In the meantime, there is a teaser on The Fictionators blog, and I'll also leave you with this picture teaser:

Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy, happy Jack

This song is all I can think of when I think of Jack these days, of how he must be feeling during and post DD 34. :) Somehow this song has never gotten old. Enjoy and feel the love.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Dear Vivienne Westwood

I probably don't "get" fashion. I love pretty clothes and I like stylish stuff, and I spend a lot of time guffawing at Go Fug Yourself, but there are things that are considered avant garde that I just think are weird and awful.

Enter Vivienne Westwood, and you know, I wouldn't care at all, except that she is dressing my Jacey - MY JACEY - in her shizz. I mean, look:

Start at 2:33 - Jacey is right after the two boys holding hands.

Okay, so that's bad enough, right?

But then:

He begins at 0:13. He's wearing something resembling a 500-year-old bearskin rug and pushing a shopping cart! Are you even kidding me?? It's too awful!

So, Dear Vivienne Westwood,


Katie Starfish

Joyful, Joyful

Gah, it's been so long since a Jacey Thursday or a Jackspiration! Time for some pics of the boys (and unfortunately, not a great deal in the way of "new" stuff, so if the photogs and advertising companies out there could do something about that for me? Yeah, that'd be swell. Thanks).

Jack and Jacey are happy! In love! Doin' it again! We need happy pics. :)


Honey, you should always, always be smiling. :)




And beautiful Jacey. :)




Just beautiful. :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tempting Tuesday: Starfish422 recs Spork on the LUSTorium

Some weeks ago I was approached by Miztrezboo of the LUSTorium with a request to write a recommendation for some Star Trek fiction.  The blog is branching out to become multi-fandom, an awesome way to remain relevant and to expose readers to new genres they may not otherwise find.

Boo knows how I love the Spock/Kirk fiction, and when she asked me I jumped at the chance to write a recommendation for potential Spork readers!

I Got Ur Back BOO, by TheStupidCupid

The piece was posted today, and you can read it here.   Also, I always have an ongoing spreadsheet of Spork recommendations that I update by email for those who request it. If you're interested, please drop me a private message at my FFn profile!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Deep Dish update

Just popping in to let you know that Chapter 32 of DD is in progress and is about half-done right now.  It will definitely be posted by the end of the week! :)  October was the month from hell and I'm just returning from a trip to Columbus to visit my lobster Bethie (actually sitting in Philadelphia Airport right now).  After this, though, life will be quieter again. I'm back to 3 days a week at work instead of 5 days, which will give me actual writing time now.  Thanks so much for your patience!

xoxo Katie

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Within Our Reach, by starfish422

So I finally, FINALLY, got my Fandom Gives Back piece finished and sent to BeCullen and Melooza, the lovely, generous and patient women whose donation commissioned it. :)  After they read it, they graciously agreed to allow me to share it.  As you may know, it's a Spork/Kirk slash fic based in the Star Trek reboot movie.

It's now posted on FFn and on Archive of Our Own, as well as on the Kirk/Spock Fanfiction Archive. If I ever figure out how to post to LJ, it'll be on there too. :)

Signature Theatre's "Angels in America" trailer

Angels In America - Signature Theatre Trailer from Signature Theatre Company on Vimeo.

Psst: there's ZQ kisses. :)

It Gets Better: Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles Performs "True Colors"

Simply beautiful.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Jack and Jacey meet...

...and in Over The Top, it happens today! Edward and Jasper's wedding took place October 23, 2010, and as you know, Jack met Jacey the night before their wedding, at the club in Austin.

When Jacey was just a boy in a club...

and Jack was just a lonely stockbroker...

...there was this. And it was today.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Checking in

Hi. :) I know it's been a few weeks since I posted. I have been working diligently on my Spork fic and it is this close to being finished. Actually, I've promised my girls BeCullen and Melooza that they will have it on Saturday night! So then I'll go back to working on DD. :)

I know I've been just horrible about Jacey Thursday and Saturday Jackspiration. There have been so many serious things taking place in the news recently that it's made me feel almost guilty, somehow, to dedicate blog space to vapid stuff like ogling guys. At the same time, I know we have to have fun and let off steam from time to time as well.

On that note, a verrrry lovely behind-the-scenes video of the recent Details photo shoot that put Chris Fine Pine on the cover. Thanks to @creampuffsteph for sending this along. :)

And there's this.
Even he can't believe how big it is.

Wear Purple on October 20 for Spirit Day

I will be joining with thousands of others across North America on Wednesday October 20, wearing purple in memory of LGBT teens who have taken their own lives due to bullying. You can show support by wearing purple and by adding a special purple NOH8 twibbon to your Twitter profile. Also, colour your twitter and Facebook pictures purple for the day.

You can also help make sure that this movement doesn't become a simple one-off thing, that gets forgotten after the fervor dies down. Let's let this become a galvanizing moment in the gay rights movement. I believe it's particlarly important for straight allies to use the privilege inherent in heterosexuality to be vocal and visible in our support of young LGBT men and women.

Hate is easy. Love takes courage.

xoxo Katie

Monday, October 4, 2010

Maxwell Zagorski on One Life to Live

This is mostly unrelated to Deep Dish, except that it features Maxwell Zagorski, who is my model for the character of Mike.

He is just as adorable when he talks as he is in pictures. YUM.

(I run Mozilla Firefox and I had to reload the page in Internet Explorer to see the video - your mileage may vary)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Forever Young, by dellaterra

It has been ages since I've recommended a story on my blog, but when I read the draft of this one, I told the author right away that I wanted to rec it when she was ready.

You may recognize dellaterra's name because I recently posted If 6 Was 9. She is the bidder who commissioned that story over a year ago. Even before the Support Stacie auction, but especially since then, I've had the pleasure of getting to know her better. She is simply an all-around awesome person. :)

Forever Young was originally posted for the Love Lost contest - an anonymous contest, so although I pre-read the story and made one or two suggestions, I couldn't recommend it until she reposted it under her own account. She has done so now, and I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did. She surprised me several times throughout the story - not the least of which was how much I enjoyed a story that focuses on Emmett.

Forever Young: When Emmett and Rosalie take a break from the Cullens, they learn that there's more than one way to become immortal. AU pre-Twilight, rated M for the Love Lost contest with M/M slash and more.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tyler Clementi

I planned to post a mea culpa tonight about why DD 31 isn't finished yet and how it'll be posted this weekend. Instead, I find myself thinking about how the stuff in my life that has kept me from fulfilling my commitment, stuff that seems so important sometimes, is so inconsequential compared to what some deal with.

My heart is with the parents and family of Tyler Clementi as they mourn his loss and deal with the knowledge that this was so unnecessary. Two heartless individuals started out with a thoughtless invasion of Tyler's privacy and then perpetrated the unconscionable act of posting a private, intimate encounter online. It ended with a beautiful young man deciding to take his own life. It doesn't matter if they now understand the impact of their actions. It's too late to take it back. It's too late for Tyler.

If you are a gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, queer or questioning teenager, please know that there are so many people who love and support you. The teen years are awful for almost everyone - yeah, even the beautiful ones, who seem to have the athletics and the confidence and a hundred other things going for them. I know many gay teens have even more to deal with than many of their straight friends. If you're out, slurs and harassment may be your life. If you're not, fear of discovery can terrify you. Maybe you don't know anyone else who's gay. I know sometimes it feels like these years of your life will never end. If you feel alone, if you feel you have no one to talk to, please know that you do not have to go through this alone.

The Trevor Project is an organization that provides free, confidential support to LGBTQ teens and youth to age 24. By calling their LifeLine, you can speak to a counselor 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call 866-488-7386, or 866-4-U-TREVOR. If you don't have access to a telephone or are hearing-impaired, you can visit their website to chat live with a volunteer. These services are free anywhere in the United States.

In Canada, Kids Help Phone provides free and confidential support in English and French to all young people and teens in Canada. I have vetted them and they are gay friendly. You can contact them at 800-668-6868 to speak directly to a counsellor (24/7) or on their website, where they have an "Ask Us Online" section. Also, they have a "leave site quickly" button in the top right of every single page - clicking it will immediately redirect you to

A few words about safety if you are not out:

-If you visit the Trevor Project website, please clear your browser history afterward. This is especially important if your parents, siblings or friends might view your browser history.

-All phone numbers are recorded and reported on your cell phone bill, even toll-free numbers. This is something to consider if your parents pay (or will see) the bill for your cell.

-However, landline phone bills seldom record calls to toll-free numbers.

We - the greater community of LGBTQ men and women and straight allies - love you. We want to help you get through the dark days, because we want you to be around to see the beautiful times to come. And they will come, darlings.

Much love and hugs and support to you all.

xoxo Katie Starfish

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday Attempt to Redeem Myself: Pwned and Phoned

Colour me sheepish. I missed Saturday Jackspiration last week, Jacey Thursday a couple of days ago and now we're back to Saturday Jackspiration. I have an excuse - whether or not you accept it is up to you. The Spork story I'm writing now is PWNING MY LIFE. I am loving it, and at the same time I've never, ever written something that challenged me so much.

Soooo, while I seriously don't have it in me to come up with something witty to redeem myself, I think perhaps I have a couple of things up my sleeve.

There we go. A little something for everyone. :) I lubs you all.
xoxo Katie

Monday, September 20, 2010

Jack & Jacey 4-EVAH!!!, the Twibbon

In an act of absolute silliness, I created a Jack & Jacey Twibbon. I know there are lots of serious Twibbons out there (and I'm usually a NOH8 twibbon user) but if you're interested in adding it, here is the link.

There! Right There!

This is, literally, the best youtube video I've ever seen. The person who edited these clips with this song, is a motherfucking genius. Enjoy the Zachary Quinto, Chris Pine and the rest of the Trek reboot crew.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jacey Thursday: Poetry in Motion

Okay, I swear I am not just phoning it in now - I can't NOT share this with you. It is sooooo delicious and just...GAH.

Enjoy. :)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saturday Jackspiration: Summer's Swan Song

I can no longer avoid the truth: the summer is waning. Only one or two beach-worthy days left, at least where I am. I was at the beach a lot this summer, and I never saw anything like this...

I don't know what he was filming, but whatever it is, I am down.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Jacey Thursday: Jizz on the Keyboard

This may be the least coherent Jacey Thursday write-up I've ever done; but when you see the video I just watched, you'll understand. COMPLETELY.

I welcome the lovely scattered21 to set up the video:

Here's the (RL) Jacey video--turn off the sound, wait for the video to automatically come up, and then click up in the right corner of the screen in the white tool bar to find the full-screen prompt--it's a small red square. Otherwise you miss half of his face. After the brief travelogue, he's only in the first 2 minutes--no more Jacey Elthalion after the little angel with the blond hair appears, so you can exit and rewatch. (no limits on that activity ;-) )

IMHO, it's a very bewitching two minutes.

And now for the magic link:

Did you see the nuzzles? OH MY GOD, THE NUZZLES.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday Jackspiration: What If...?

Added to my cache of HCav pics this week and have some new beauties to share with you all! This week's theme: What If...?

What if Jack, not Jacey, was the young pup in Deep Dish?

What if Jack, not Jacey, was the Texan?

What if Jack was a photographer...

...or a professor...

...or a paramedic?

What if he could melt off your clothing at will, solely with his intense stare?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Jacey Thursday: Baby, It's (Going to Be) Cold Outside

Soooooo, our Jacey is on his way to Chicago, and I think he's going to need some warmer clothes, don't you?

Here are a couple of lovely fall outfits.

He might like to try downhill skiing, and he's going to need something cozy and warm. For rolling around in the snow.

A nice warm hat is key when winter winds blow.


Ahhhh. This is better.

Friday, August 27, 2010

A special gift for DD readers

Hi. :) So this is something I've been thinking about for a while. You've all been so super patient waiting for this story to unfold. It has been a rocky ride and I'm so grateful for all the support from all of you. So by way of thanks, I made this for you all last night. Clicky-click.

A thousand starfish kisses. <3
xoxo Katie

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Jacey Thursday: Locks

Aaaaaaaaaand we're back! :)

Sooooo...if you read DD Ch 29 you'll likely have some idea what Jacey planned to do to his hair. There has been some discussion about whether this route is really the best for him to take. I wish to offer the following for your consideration.


Look at the cute way it just falls over his face like that. :)

College student Jacey, totally ready to face the streets of downtown Chicago.

UNGH the fuck right out of me. I am ded.

So, you know. Food for thought. ;)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Starfish Returneth, and Slash Award Nominations

Ohai! I'm back. It was a whirlwind trip, and if I ever again float the idea of spending 36 hours on a train (in a 96-hour period), please shake me until my teeth rattle in my head. But I saw family and places I hadn't seen in 18 years, and it was so wonderful to be among my dear folk again; and to reacquaint myself with the town where my mother grew up. Also, introducing my six-year-old daughter to my aunts, uncles and cousins was a kick; and she was so good, almost the entire trip. Completely worth it.

The Slash Awards were announced today. Thank you to everyone who took part in the nomination process! My stories have received a few nods:

Best Supporting Character - Which character had you reading a story as much for them as for the main characters?
Jack Charles in Over the Top by starfish422
Mike Newton in Deep Dish by starfish422

Best Work in Progress - Which fic had you knocking over you family and coworkers to get to your computer when it updates?
Deep Dish by starfish422

Best Comedy - Which fic had you laughing so hard you were crying?
The Morning After the Night Before by starfish422

Best "I wish I was a gay man...." - Which fic had you reaching for the lube and condoms?
Deep Dish by starfish422

Best I Love You - Which fic had you going awwww when the three big words are finally admitted?
Deep Dish by starfish422

Thank you! You're all awesome. <3 Love, kisses and gropes to everyone.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Stephen Colbert's Plan to Destroy Gay Marriage

Yeah, it's pretty likely that I love Steven Colbert with my whole heart.

Canadian viewers:

American viewers:

Worried Shoes, by Karen O

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday Jackspiration: Jackroll'd

Sooooo...I know you came here expecting to see HC hawtness, but I thought, perhaps just this once, I would substitute a DD teaser instead. My promise to you is that I am going to have this sucker (DD 29) posted before I leave the province on Wednesday.

Tuesday night I’m pretty tired out, and I collapse into bed without bothering to open my laptop and check my email, as I usually do; so it is not until Wednesday night after the boys are in bed for the night, that an email from Jack pops up in my inbox. When I see his name in the sender field, my heart jumps into my throat. He didn’t reply to the email I sent with the PayPal payment, and I didn’t think I would hear from him again. With nothing in the subject line, I can’t get the damn thing open fast enough to see what it’s about.


It’s been a few weeks since you ended our relationship so suddenly. Now that I’ve had time to get my head back on straight, I’d like to have a conversation. I assume you get a few hours’ break here and there – I’d appreciate it if you would call me when you do. I have a couple of questions, and a few things to say; things I was too blindsided to think of, last time I saw you. If you cared about me, as you say you did, I think I deserve that much.

You know my schedule. Talk to you soon.


I stare at it for ages, reading and re-reading every word, analyzing them as well as the meaning behind them. It’s been a few that I’ve had time to get my head back on straight... He hasn’t been doing well, but he believes it’s time for him to start to move on – whether he wants to or not. I assume you get a few hours’ break here and there... I never told him I did, that I could have been spending those hours on the phone with him instead of letting him believe I was busy. He must have figured it out; though; if so, he knows I wasn’t trustworthy even in such a simple thing. If you cared about me as you say you did...this one especially stings. Of course I care; I always did, from the first weekend. He knows I care. You know my schedule. I know his schedule; up until a few weeks ago I knew every goddamn thing that was going on in his life. I know him. Talk to you soon. This part is not a request; it’s an expectation.

I also take time to recognize the things the letter doesn’t say. It doesn’t say I miss you or I love you. It doesn’t say I hate you for what you did to us; it doesn’t say How could you throw away everything we had?

My promise to you is that I am going to have this sucker (DD 29) posted before I leave the province on Wednesday. It *will* happen. I have been writing almost constantly, whenever I have a few moments to spare. :)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Jacey "Thursday": Not Otherwise Classified

I am *this close* to going on holidays. I work Monday and Tuesday next week, then on Wednesday I head out of province with my six-year-old daughter for five days, to a wedding that will amount to a family reunion, with my enormous family (ten kids in my mom's family!) coming in from all over Canada and the eastern US, plus New Zealand. I am super-excited to see aunts and uncles and cousins I haven't seen in 18 years, and for a trip to the town where my mother grew up.

This means two things: (a) There will be no Jacey Thursday - or Saturday Jackspiration, for that matter - next week; and (b) not only am I a day late, but I'm a dollar short this week, and am blaming being already partially in holiday mode, for being too lazy to bother with a theme. So this post is called "Not Otherwise Classified"; that is, a bunch of pictures that have nothing to do with each other. :)

This looks like a Spanish catalogue.

An igloo. Must be in Canada.

Ohai there, cockblocking shin bone.

It's the eyes. I'm focusing on the eyes.


And friends.

You can probably expect the same degree of laziness in tomorrow's Jack post, too. :) But maybe I'll do a search for some new HC photos tonight, at least.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Saturday Jackspiration: The Beard

And now, for a look Jack would never consider (but that Henry can carry reasonably well): the beard. Not the metaphorical kind, heh, but honest-to-gosh facial hair.

I'm seldom a big fan of the facial hair, to be honest; but it's something Henry seems to do fairly often on his own time, at least.

These two are obviously from the same event, and he looks lovely, even if above his collar seems a bit disparate to the outfit. I do love a good pin-striped suit.

Blow-dried straight...

...or insanely curly.

These look a bit tidier, probably because his hair is shorter.

And this...this is "Henry Cavill plays Grizzly Adams".

But, gah, what I wouldn't give to see that one in colour, to see his beautiful eyes. :)