Friday, November 26, 2010

Dear Vivienne Westwood

I probably don't "get" fashion. I love pretty clothes and I like stylish stuff, and I spend a lot of time guffawing at Go Fug Yourself, but there are things that are considered avant garde that I just think are weird and awful.

Enter Vivienne Westwood, and you know, I wouldn't care at all, except that she is dressing my Jacey - MY JACEY - in her shizz. I mean, look:

Start at 2:33 - Jacey is right after the two boys holding hands.

Okay, so that's bad enough, right?

But then:

He begins at 0:13. He's wearing something resembling a 500-year-old bearskin rug and pushing a shopping cart! Are you even kidding me?? It's too awful!

So, Dear Vivienne Westwood,


Katie Starfish

1 comment:

sunystone said...

Yes Vivienne, STOP! What in the world was that? Poor Jacey...