Thursday, June 7, 2012

Survey on Involvement in Fan Culture

Hi! :)

One of my best girlfriends is a high school librarian in Massachusetts. She sent me a link she received from a librarian listserv to a survey that’s currently being conducted with a request to share it with my friends who are involved in fan culture - reading or writing fic, creating or watching fan vids/gifs/screencaps, creating or listening to fan playlists, attending fan culture conventions…many, many different facets of fandom culture.

It is geared at three different groups: adults 18 and over, youths from age 13-18, and librarians (and those who fit into more than one category are encouraged to take it twice, as there are different questions depending on which category you select - for instance, my librarian friend took it as a librarian, then went back and retook it as an adult age 18+).

I have taken it and can confirm that it isn’t one of the articles that is aiming to capitalize on the “mommy porn” brouhaha. Would you please take a few minutes to complete the survey, and share it with your friends in any and all fandoms?

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Switching gears

Gosh, it's been just ages since I've posted on this blog. It really did serve a purpose for me for several years, when I was active in the fanfic world. Now that I'm no longer posting new chapters, and with tumblr being so easy to use, the need to have a fanfiction-focused blog doesn't exist any longer.

Having shifted the focus of my writing onto original fiction, I have a new, fledgling site. I am really pleased to finally announce (after sitting on this news for about six months!) that I have a novella being published this spring by Dreamspinner Press. More information on the book itself when I have a release date, but for now, I've been through two rounds of edits, have written the promotional blurb, and am anxiously awaiting a mock-up of my cover artwork. My Dreamspinner author page is live, here, and my own website is here . I hope my fanfiction readers will appreciate my pseudonym. ;)

So, returning to the issue at hand, of what to do with this blog: one thing I know is that I really do not want to just abandon it. I put hundreds of hours into it (all those lovely Jacey Thursdays!) and if I simply move on, it will eventually fall into disrepair.

I've recently had some "stuff" come up - baggage, emotional things, psychological things I've been working through. None of is new - much of it is really quite old, in fact, and it's almost all things that I've worked through in the past to a certain point and then stopped, and now am again at the point where I need to put in the emotional work to forge through it, process it, let it go...that's the hope, anyway.

Writing = therapy for me, especially with this type of "stuff" (there must be a better word), the type that starts to sift through my consciousness when I lie down at night and keeps me lying there, eyes wide open, for ninety minutes or more before I can fall asleep. Getting things down on paper has always enabled me to remove it from my mind: "If it exists there, I don't need to keep it here anymore." So I've decided that, to meet that need, I'm going to start blogging it here. Maybe once a week, maybe several times a week, but whenever I need to remove an entry from the hard drive in my mind.

In that case, please see this post as a bookend, separating two phases in my evolutionary process. I'll probably "renovate" the tags section shortly, so that anyone who comes here looking for fanfic stuff can still find it relatively easily. If you're not interested in following my future, fumbling, certain to be very stream-of-consciousness posts from the darker corners of my psyche, I certainly do understand that; and I thank you for the time you've spent here over the past three years. However, you're most welcome to remain, and comment, and share your own insights, should you feel inspired to do so. :)

Cheers, and thank you. <3