Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tempting Tuesday: Starfish422 recs Spork on the LUSTorium

Some weeks ago I was approached by Miztrezboo of the LUSTorium with a request to write a recommendation for some Star Trek fiction.  The blog is branching out to become multi-fandom, an awesome way to remain relevant and to expose readers to new genres they may not otherwise find.

Boo knows how I love the Spock/Kirk fiction, and when she asked me I jumped at the chance to write a recommendation for potential Spork readers!

I Got Ur Back BOO, by TheStupidCupid

The piece was posted today, and you can read it here.   Also, I always have an ongoing spreadsheet of Spork recommendations that I update by email for those who request it. If you're interested, please drop me a private message at my FFn profile!

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