Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jacey Thursday: Poetry in Motion

Okay, I swear I am not just phoning it in now - I can't NOT share this with you. It is sooooo delicious and just...GAH.

Enjoy. :)


BeCullen said...

Oh Shit!! That was awesome. I think I like Jacey's short hair better. He looks so mature in this video. It has that college feel. makes me envision him up in Chicago at school. And if this is the kindof stuff you would phone in...go right ahead and dial. haha Oh and the cig trick. Oh and his laugh. ok I am stopping now. I forgive him for his stupidity in DD. :D

sunystone said...

I love this video! I found it the other day and keep watching it over and over LOL! I too am LOVING the short hair...and that man looks fuckhot in a suit (and tight shorts as well...) :P