Thursday, August 26, 2010

Jacey Thursday: Locks

Aaaaaaaaaand we're back! :)

Sooooo...if you read DD Ch 29 you'll likely have some idea what Jacey planned to do to his hair. There has been some discussion about whether this route is really the best for him to take. I wish to offer the following for your consideration.


Look at the cute way it just falls over his face like that. :)

College student Jacey, totally ready to face the streets of downtown Chicago.

UNGH the fuck right out of me. I am ded.

So, you know. Food for thought. ;)


melissa said...

I love short hair'd Jacey and i don't care who knows it!

sunystone said...

Okay...the short hair works for me...and he looks fuckhot with those glasses....yum

BeCullen said...

Holy Sh*t!!! I LOVE the short hair. Jack won't know what hit him. hehe I can't wait to read it.