Saturday, May 30, 2009

Starfish422 interviewed on TLYDF

Recently I was honoured to be interviewed by AngstGoddess003, the brilliant author of Wide Awake, my favourite author and story in the Twilight fandom. AG003 is one of the women at the helm of The Lazy, Yet Discerning Ficster.

She wrote an article called OMJ: Exploring The Jasper Factor. She interviewed a number of respected Twi ff authors for the article, which looked at the recent profusion of Jasper-related stories in the fandom; and I was very glad to be among such happy company.

The portion in the article which holds the bulk of my interview is, unsurprisingly, the section focusing on slash. Over The Top and We Three are mentioned as well.

The entire article is well worth the read for Jasper fans, and was certainly a thrill for me.


jothemama said...

The world of Twilight fanfic is a whole new one I'm exploring.

So as to the Jasper love, well, why not. It's a pretty finite list of characters, why not go to the dashing Southern one is all full of empathy and knows when you're sad!

Your Jasper is so sweet though, a little too good to be true, I suppose.

I'm so glad I found your story, it inspired me and made my husband very happy ;) - but now I'm just hanging out for the next installment with a certain desperation.

As to the fanfic thing, I think it's an incredible development - I wonder what SM thinks? Does she read for ideas, do the slash parings shock her Mormon soul?

I did read one the other daywhere 'Bella' turned into 'Kristin' post sex scene (call me by my real name), and I have to say, if I were an actress, that would creep me way out.

okvegascowgirl said...

I did it again - wanted to edit my review but can't. So here I am: in my review for OTT ch 21, I asked if you are a parent. Well, der! Why didn't I just check your profile? I see that you have two children, and I'm guessing at least one is a boy - hence your beautiful depiction of Esme & Edward's relationship in ch 21 of OTT. So, disregard MY question, and PLEASE, update soon! I'm stocking up on Kleenex since Jasper is the truly emotional one in that relationship, and when he learns of what he has wrought in Ed's life, he - and I - will cry buckets! Thank you for sharing your talent!