Monday, June 1, 2009

Between the Madness and the Fire, by ForeverYoung82

The subject matter of Between the Madness and the Fire, may not be for everyone - I will state that right off the bat. It involves a one-night stand between a high school teacher and his will-be-18-in-a-few-days student - neither of whom know how the other is about to enter their life. When they discover the truth, they resolve, both individually and together, to do the right thing.

I am enthralled with this fiction and this writer. It is not ForeverYoung82's first fic, so I may just need to hit up her profile for her other story which is currently at 39 chapters. Her spelling and grammar are flawless, of course; her dialogue is natural, never heavy-handed; and her characters are compelling, in their interactions with peripheral characters as well as with each other. I think she does well at sensitively handling the potentially-difficult subject matter.

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CĂ©line said...

I've follow your advise and begun reading that FF and I'm now enthralled as you with it. Thanks for the tip !