Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Bellies - Twilight fic awards

The Bellie Awards nominations are currently open!

From the site:

The Bellies are a light-hearted companion competition to the Eddies that run twice yearly, in Winter and in Summer. There is no judging component to the Bellies. All four nominee slots will be filled by the stories that receive the most nominations. Stories authored by Limona or Withthevampsofcourse are ineligible.

The thirteen categories for the Summer 2009 session are as follows:

* Canon Fic That's Better Than Canon: For any story written in character; this does not apply to any All-Human stories, but rather the ones taking place either pre-Twilight, during either Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, or Breaking Dawn but from another character’s point-of-view, or post-Breaking Dawn. As long as the story isn’t out-of-character (OOC), it counts.

* Best Comedy: For any story from any genre that tickles your funny bone. Can be Canon, AU, or AH.

* Plot You Wish You Came Up With: For any story that has a plot (meaning point of the story, ie “Edward never returns in New Moon” or “Edward is the King of the high school and Bella is the mousey new student. What happens when the nerd tames the school hussy?”) that is well-crafted, well-thought out, and so good that you’re slightly mad you didn’t come up with it yourself.

* Update You Twitter About: For any story you are the most excited to read about. You drop what you’re doing for this one, whether it’s work, thesis papers, feeding the hamster, feeding the husband, feeding the twins, etc.

* Alice You Wish Was Your Best Friend: For any story with the Alice character that you would like to have as your own BFF.

* Best Slash: For any story with excellent slash. Slash is an M-rated story that pits two usually non-homosexual characters of the same sex in a sexy situation. Can be M/M or F/F.

* Best Real Person Fic (RPF): For any story written about one of the actors portraying the characters in the series. RPFs are written about people who exist in real life.

* Favorite Darkward: For any story portraying Edward as much darker than his usual canon self. “Darkward” has come to mean an Edward who has a dark streak, whether it’s psychological, physical, spiritual, emotional, etc. “Darkward” is not your typical Edward, and may not be the romantic protagonist we all joined the fandom for.

* Best Banner: For any story whose advertisement “Banner” is appealing to you, whether you’ve seen it on a website or as the author’s signature in a forum.

* Most Re-readable: For any story you have or would read more than once. These are the stories you print out to enjoy over and over.

* Best Non-Smutty Story (Rated T or under): For any story that does not feature an "M" rating.

* Best Unresolved Sexual Tension (UST): For any story where two characters quite obviously want to jump each other’s bones, but for story arc, plot, and storytelling reasons, they simply do not.

* Best Twist on a Canon Quote: For any story that takes a line from the original saga and twists it to fit their own story. These tend to be the lines that are the most memorable, and are obvious to the reader that they’re a twist on the canon quote.

Click here to nominate your three favourites for each category!

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