Sunday, June 7, 2009

Update schedule fail

Dear readers:

I have, obviously, not posted Chapter 22 according to my usual Friday posting schedule. I feel especially guilty failing at this after the simply mind-blowing response to Chapter 21 (355 reviews! That's a 3, with a 5, and then another 5! No decimals!).

The truth is that I was 2600 words into writing chapter 22, hated it, and decided to chuck the whole nerve-sucking thing and start again. As Shannon says, it has turned into a "red-headed stepchild", much as another one did (Chapter 14, I'm looking at you). I need to take a step back from it - just a small step, and a short one. I promise. I need to write a few lemons! Something happy.

So right now I'm working on my Age of Edward contest entry, and seriously considering writing an installment of We Three. I promise not to take too much time off from Over The Top - I just need to think about something else for a while.

Love you all. Mean it.


jothemama said...

It's a tough one, alright. You know, we'd be happy if you just go for a romantic ending and loads of sex.

There's been a surprising lack of rimming thus far you know... just saying... ;)

Red headed stepchild is terrible! Hate speech!! :D

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Anonymous said...

No worries, baby! We love you and we the boys and we will wait patiently! :)

CĂ©line said...

Your whole story is great, I'm dying to read new chapters, but I don't mind : take your time and when you're ready, make it the way you have done since the beginning ! I know you will get plenty of reviews ;-)