Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Latter Days

The second movie recommendation given to me by philomina is Latter Days.

This may be one of the best movies I've seen; and I may have even liked it more than Shelter or Brokeback Mountain. For personal reasons, it resonated strongly with me. I think it was written, directed and acted in a way that wasn't (if you'll pardon the expression) over the top. The directing is beautifully done; the acting is heartfelt and passionate; and the writing tells a very real story, one that I'm sure has played out many times in real life.


Clair said...

ooooooh that looks good! thanks for the rec bb.


Darkira said...

I hadn't even heard of this movie for some reason. Anyway, just finished it and I absolutely loved it.
The funny thing is, despite of it having amazing actors in little parts, I really loved the main characters best.
It was a very emotional experience for me and I have to say that it really didn't make me like religion in general any more. But then again I'm just a agnostic dyke who happens to like boy-love.

Next on my list is Boy Culture, hopefully I can report back with a review soon. :)

Also, waiting for Jack's story very enthusiastically. While waiting I'm concentrating writing my own stuff. ^^