Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Fandom Gives Back

Three amazing women, two of whom I am privileged to call friend, have organized a fundraising event that, frankly, is kind of blowing my mind. tby789, Ninapolitan and LolaShoes have created The Fandom Gives Back, a fundraiser to benefit Alex's Lemonade Stand (rather than including a whack of information here, I'm just going to link you to the websites where the backstories are told much better than I could). Alex's Lemonade, through virtual "lemonade stands", raises money for research of childhood cancers.

What amazes me most about what Christina, Nina and Lola have done, is the time frame in which this has all come together. It went from zero to sixty in about three days, it seems, beginning perhaps 3 weeks ago (to my knowledge, at least) and growing in very short order to an auction that includes autographed Twilight swag, tickets to a 100 Monkeys Concert with a meet-and-greet with the band afterwards, and a weekend for two *anywhere*.

Most moving, for me, are the 172 authors who have volunteered their time and talents. In various auction formats, generous authors are offering their brilliance to raise money for this important cause.

My auction thread can be found here.

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