Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Edwards and Jaspers and confusion...oh my!

Oy. So, merging elements from two different stories may *look* easy (heh) but it’s not so much. There have been many questions asked in the reviews for Chapter 5. Rather than waiting for the Chapter 6 author's note I'd like to answer them here (sooner rather than later).

Deep Dish takes place after the conclusion of both Over the Top and House of Cards – everything that happened in those two stories exists in the history of Deep Dish. I promise I won’t have to wrap your brains around anything new or “non-canon” (again: heh) from those stories. Yes, the Edward Cullen and Jasper Whitlock in OTT are, of course, completely separate from the Edward Masen/Cullen and Jasper in HoC. Yes, that has the potential to be confusing, but your humble author has given this some forethought. I know how I’ll deal with it. I promise it won’t be as circus-y or messy as you may be anticipating; it’s actually quite straightforward. :)

(Is it simply the names? If they didn’t have the same names would it be easier to make the leap? If so, let’s just think of OTT Edward and Jasper as Beautiful and Kas from now on, okee?)

Also: this story is not about Edward and Jasper, from *either* of the two preceding fics. This is about Jack, Jacey, Ashton, Mike, Karl, Nicolas (a picture of whom is below, btw) and some other characters we haven’t met yet. If you’ll trust that I have thought this through and that everything will be explained (and I swear it won’t require the use of a diagram, LOL – I have no intention of making anything so difficult) I promise I’ll see you through to the other side.

Please don't hesitate to PM me if you would like further clarification on anything.

Also - a reader pointed out that I should have included a spoiler warning before telling the synopsis of House of Cards. Absolutely correct, and I'm normally much more vigilant about that sort of thing. I have corrected the Chapter 5 text now to include the spoiler alert. I apologize for ruining HoC for you.

Heeeeeeere's Nicolas:


Clair said...

hellooooooo Nicolas.

IDK, I don't see whats got everyone so confuzzled but then again I've read HoC so maybe thats why I get whats going on.

Bouncy72 said...

*Squeak* He's hot...Come on Mike, follow him up. Mmhmm. Looks very young though.

Thanks for clearing up the E&J thing.
& don't worry bout me HoC's sounds WAY to angsty for me to cope with. Thanks hon, have an awesome New Years

Someone...? said...

Thank you for not taking my review badly. I'm glad you're not totally scrapping OTT E and J, because I love them dearly.
And the picture of that young piece of sex is enough to make up for ruining HoC for me. Hey, at least when I finish it, I'll be ready for the heartfail. xD
- Tai Birdsong