Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Fandom Support Haiti Disaster Relief

Moved by the humanitarian crisis in the wake of the Haiti earthquake, TwiFic author MsKathy decided to write a minimum 1K story and offer it to those who made a minimum $5 donation to a charity of their choice help with disaster relief. No sooner had she announced this than other Twific authors began offering to contribute pieces as well. What has resulted is a compilation of stories contributed by more than 150 authors in the fandom.

Your humble author has joined the fray. The terms have not changed: for a minimum $5 donation to a charity of your choice (but specifically for Haitian relief) you will receive a PDF or Word Document containing the Twifans for Haiti compilation. Donations must be made prior to 11:59 PM MST on Sunday, January 24, 2010. Email your receipt to MsKathy and she will deliver the compilation to your email inbox on Monday January 25, 2010.

For all details, click here to read MsKathy's blog post.

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