Thursday, May 19, 2011

Any takers?

I have a video on YouTube. Well, I have several, but this is about a particular video, one that has 300K views. It's not a long video, but it's a good one. I think it's the first I ever posted. It's a short clip of Queer as Folk, and it depicts the first time viewers see Justin top Brian.

The video has 280 likes, 14 dislikes, and 160 comments. Most comments are along the lines of, "I LOVED IT WHEN THIS HAPPENED," or "OMG, why did they stop it there??" Today I got a comment - and yes, it was directed to me personally - that, despite being nearly incoherent, managed to convey that the person is entirely homophobic and thinks I support the LGVT community because I'm afraid to speak out against them.

I read the comment today when I was at work (it was emailed to me) and spent part of the afternoon thinking about my response. I intended to reply when I got home this evening. Then when I was driving home, I saw a rainbow. Really. And I decided, fuck it. Nothing I could say would persuade him, and I don't need persuading (I had this conversation with myself long ago, and I couldn't agree with myself more).

However, I invite my readers to have at him/her/it. Here's the link: and the user who posted the comment in question is Getoverhere.

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