Sunday, July 26, 2009

Stripped, by EJ Santry

Geekward + tattoos = pantysplosion!

I've mentioned Beth (EJ Santry) on my blog before, because she provided some much-needed support and research assistance on my AoE entry. She has written an entry for the Tattward and Inkella contest, and it's HAWT!

Entry for the Tattward & Inkella Contest. When the A/C goes out in
the computer lab during Summer Quarter, things begin to heat up as the
students begin to strip to get comfortable. What lies underneath might cause
them to combust. AH. BxE.

Holy mother. Geekward is fuckhot and there's not even a whiff of angst in this story - just sweet, unadulterated math-fuelled lust. If tatts, math, and Geekward do it for you, you need to read this story.

In the story header you will also find the link to the Tattward/Inkella contest where you can find the other sexy submissions!

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