Friday, August 7, 2009

Over The Top invites you to a wedding reception!

So, a reader named Diane (faite-comme-moi) mentioned in her Ch 29 review that she was going to get a piece of cake and a purdy dress to wear when she reads the wedding chapter. I think this is a stellar idea, and made a suggestion of my own. I asked Diane to go ahead and post her idea on the OTT thread on Twilighted:

When I told Katie that I was picking out a dress to wear while reading Chapter 30 and was planning on getting a slice of cake from the bakery as well, she thought that was a 'stellar' idea that should be shared on the thread.

Katie said she could send a day's warning in advance of posting the Chapter so we could all coordinate. I think having several hundred virtual witness to their wedding sounds like the best way to show our love to these boys.

Who's with me?

And on which side of the aisle will you want to sit?

Sound good? Cake and champers to celebrate the nuptials? Please join us! I will post here, on the Twilighted thread and on Twitter (link to my Twitter page is in the sidebar) a day or two before the the chapter gets posted to give everyone time to prepare!


FrogQueen said...

I would like to RSVP for the event of the year please! I'm not sure I can choose which side of the isle I want to sit on though...I'll let you know! ;-)

Kate said...

I would like to RSVP also. Sounds like fun! What kind of cake will they be having?? I like to plan properly =).