Tuesday, February 15, 2011

An Anniversary

Two years ago today, on February 15, 2009, I posted the first chapter of the first thing I'd ever written - a little QAF-inspired story called Over The Top. Never could I have imagined that two years later I'd have written and posted over half a million words (520,408 according to FF.net, including their bloat and author's notes). That day was the beginning of the most creative period of my life, and if I'm never paid for a single word of my writing, I'm grateful for the outlet writing gives me.

I'm also glad for the connections and friendships I've made as a result of my little hobby - so many lovely people I'd never have known if not for the world of derivative fiction. Thank you to everyone who has supported and reviewed my stories, and sent me PMs and emails. And happy anniversary! :)


Miztrezboo said...

aw now that brings a tear to ones eye! Oh that first chapter of OTT... and the next and the next and then Jackie and Jacey. Your worlds are wonderful, Katie. I miss them, but I love that I can go back and visit always.

xoxox Cass

beebse said...

Happy Anniversary! I too miss your words, but I cannot thank you enough for sharing them in the first place.

sunystone said...

Has it really been two years?? Happy anniversary!! I still remember that first chapter of OTT...I remember saying 'hey! He's like Brian from QAF!!' Little did I know that your wonderful story would have me captivated through many chapters...and then you brought us Jackie & Jacey...*sigh*truly remarkable writing :)

Mel said...

STOP TRYING TO MAKE ME WEEPY! You know what a wuss I am *sniff* *sniff*

I love you honey. Truly and deeply

mauralee88 said...

Happy Anniversary! OTT was one of the first slash fics I read, and it had me hooked from the first chapter.

Thank you for sharing your words, your passion, your talent. You truly are an artist.

Best wishes for the future. I look forward to reading your work, in any form, for years to come.