Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Army & Navy, by Amanda Warrington

If you're a fan of Spork fiction, chances are you've heard of Amanda Warrington, who has been around the Trek fandom forever. Last night she wrote a comment-on-a-comment-fic that was simply awesome.

Here's how it happened: The Kirk/Spock Valentine is in progress, with several posts being made by various authors and artists each day. DeliciousNY, who is a very talented author and has made some of my favourite K/S art, contributed a lovely piece based on a WWII-era Valentine card. Her artwork depicts WWII American Army Spock and American Navy Jim gazing adoringly at each other.

Among the comments following her piece was one mentioning how much the commenter would love to see a fic based on that artwork. Amanda promptly filled the request with a lovely story called Army & Navy - first as a comment fic, and then when she'd "buffed and polished it", on her own blog.

And who was the commenter whose prompt led to this beautiful little story? Hmm, who was it...oh, that's right, IT WAS ME. :D I was completely thrilled to have the prompt filled - it wasn't even intended as a prompt, just an offhand comment, really - and the fact that it was Amanda Warrington who did so is awesome.

Click here for DeliciousNY's piece
Click here for Amanda's LJ

Thank you both! :)

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