Friday, July 30, 2010

Jacey "Thursday": Broken-hearted Me

Here we are with another Jacey "Thursday" post, the first in a while. It isn't that I forgot last night, just that I sort of ran out of steam after finishing up DD Chapter 28 and posting it.

So after reading the chapter we know now that poor Jacey hasn't had a great summer. He's pretty broken-hearted, in fact. :(

So sad his eyes are probably pretty red from crying.

So sad he has to sleep alone.

So sad he might have to write a song about it.

So sad he might have to lean up against a big stone with his shirt open...

...or sit in profile in black and white...

...or get his hair cut.


sunystone said...

He's lovely even when he's sad... :P

Bouncy72 said...

Mhmm. Especially like the 2nd picture :)
He does look sad ey :(