Saturday, July 3, 2010

Saturday Jackspiration: Twirly Curls Barbie

As Jacey thought about Jack in the "Sketch" drabble, below, "Keep your hair as short as you want, but that curl has a mind of its own." Yes, anything longer than a brushcut on HCav shows his hair's tendency to curl - major ringlets. Today's Jackspiration is all about Jack when he is sporting a Twirly Curls Barbie look (incidentally: Twirly Curls Barbie was my most coveted item in 1982. Before HCav was born. Ahem).

Hahahahahahahahaha. Dear heck, where are your merry men?

Random side-of-the-head braids. This actually looks like something I'd have done to my Barbie ca. 1982.

I really, really wish I knew what was going on here. Ice cream man? Dr. Naughty and the Night Nurses? Anyways, he's totally feminine and pretty.

Okay, this at least looks like it was taken this century.

Not sure what I think of this look...actually, that was a lie and a poor attempt to be diplomatic. Do not like. Always beautiful - always - but much too much curl.

Ahhhh. Now this is more like it. Yummmmm. This could totally be Jack if he got a little careless, let his hair go a bit too long between cuts.


Bouncy72 said...

Lol, not meaning to be a buzz kill, but the last one is prob the only one I like....Thank goodness "Jack" has a better look now (in the last one) :)

王名仁 said...