Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturday Jackspiration: Moving Pictures

Well, it's early Saturday morning and I'm still awake; and since I'm not doing anything particularly productive (like, you know, writing) I thought I'd get a jump on this week's HCav goodness.

And now, for something completely different - videos! A few of my favourites, which include just about everything he's ever done for Dunhill. His look in those ads is just absolutely perfect for my Jackie.

I love this one - it made me giggle.

(I'd happily lie on the beach with him, you know, on days off. Or buy him Guinness. Or...whatever.)

Is there anyone who hasn't seen this? Hawt!!


BR549 said...

Damn he is one fine specimen of man! Oh, I'm now hooked on Queer As Folk because of you. I rented season one to see the loft because I have zero imagination (well as far as furnishings go!) Michael is so funny and Brian is so freaking hot!

BeCullen said...

OMG I had not seen the sex scene from The Tudors. I think I need a cold shower now. lol Oh Jack.