Sunday, February 28, 2010

Johnny Weir is the shizz

This boy is my hero forever and ever.

In response to inflammatory, homophobic comments made by Francophone Canadian broadcasters, in which they questioned his masculinity and even his gender, Johnny called a press conference earlier this week. Following are two separate clips covering different portions of the press conference.

May I always be as calm, well-spoken and circumspect in the face of criticism and oppression. Johnny's insistence on looking at the larger picture, at who else the comments would affect - other young people, parents of youth people - and his hope that fifty years from now, similar comments won't be part of the social landscape, make him a person whose values I hope to represent well.

Beautifully-done, Johnny. xoxo


Bouncy72 said...

I'm streaming the YT one now. I can't get the other as my connection speed thingy to slow.
But seriously WTF...what has his sexual orientation got to do with his skating or sports... You don't hear commentators talking about hetro guys, sex lives or their performance in their field in relation to that (well I've never heard them)

Bouncy72 said...

Wow, just watched the vid...what an amazing guy! You'd think he would be after their blood, but he's so calm & forgiving & I don't know...nice.
Seriously, what a lovely guy. Hopefully he will have given confidance to other young ppl that are struggling with their sexuality.
Amazing man!

sunystone said...

Bravo Johnny Weir!