Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Slash Awards

Tonight my friend Val, aka Touchstone67, and dannie7786/Domward's Mistress announced the inception of the Slash Awards. Twilight awards are often dominated (heh) by hetero fics because hetero has a larger readership (simply a fact of the fandom). The Eddies and Bellies are an excellent example of this. They are among the most respected Twilight fanfic awards; yet when the winter session nominations were announced last week, the dearth of slash fics was glaring.

Please click here
to read about the Slash Awards and the categories open for nomination. I encourage your support of Val and Dannie's pursuit. :)

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Arcadian said...

I'm excited about the slash awards! Just so you know, Rough Seas, one of my favorite slash pieces, was nominated for an Eddie.

- Maggie