Friday, February 5, 2010

Over The Top nominated for a Golden Lemon Award

If you haven't heard of the Golden Lemon Awards, they are in their first cycle. From the site:

A few months ago, Twitter was all aflutter with people discussing good choices for lemons, like Best Description of Pussy Flavor, Best Nipple Licking, and Best Dry Humping. We decided that we'd like to give out Awards for categories like that: Awards based on Lemons, or Limes, or almost-smexin'. So, Golden Lemon Awards was born.

Our mission is to recognize excellence in smoldering smut, liquid hot lemons, molten hotness, whatever you wanna call it. We promise a fair, unbiased awards program that we hope you enjoy.

I was already ridiculously excited about these awards - sounded like just a lot of fun. The nominations were announced yesterday, giving me even more reason to be excited: Over The Top was nominated in the best slash category! :) The voting is open now and will remain open until February 13. I would be very grateful for your support in the slash category!

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