Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Free-for-All: The Morning After The Night Before

Today on Twilighted, the Friday Free-for-All post has been written by your humble author. You can find it here!

As promised at the end of the story, here are a couple of pictures to accompany it.

Smith Tower

This is the boy who inspired "Alec" - his name IRL is Ryan Vigilant. HAWT!

The GWiP guy who looks like Dr. Hunt. Tell me I'm wrong!

A good place to start when imagining Edward

And though I almost never insert a "jump" in my posts, the next pic is a b-a-r-e-n-a-k-e-d pic, and NSFK/NSFW:



Clairdeluneisgreat said...

You know, until your last pic there, I would have thought a belly button ring on a guy would be a little girly looking....its actually really fucking hot! Thank you for showing me the light starfishy xoxo

Starfish422 said...

OMG, Clair, I couldn't agree more! I really thought the exact same thing - like, I never knew how effing hot that would look on a guy. :)

Bouncy72 said...

Lol, I'm undecided bout the belly button ring still. HOT body, though shoulders maybe a tad broad & why couldn't the guy have let us see his face *sigh*

The (sort of)Edward has a BEAUTIFUL body... Lol, apparently I like slim more than built bodies ;)

"Alec" is beautiful

Have to say I cringed a bit at the Smith Tower...wasn't expecting it to be quite so pointed at the tip *giggle*

How in the hell did Jasper get anywhere close to that without been seen to take that picture of his?
Lol can you imagine walking down the side walk & coming across that...knowing my luck it's more likely to be a hairy, wrinkly old guy *sigh*

Thanks for all the visuals Katie

Ooo what I wouldn't give to spend a day looking through your photobucket albums *grin*

羿惟 said...

I like your blog.

Starfish422 said...

Bouncy - the pointy at the tip could be a Prince Albert piercing...? :)

Bouncy72 said...

HAHAHA yeh I guess. Funny thing is yesterday I was walking around town when I realised I was looking for buildings with similar characteristics... lol, the corruption that is FF. Isn't it GREAT *waggles eyebrows*

Sessahhh said...

Holy fucking shit. The guys you picked to describe your FFFA o/s.... ung. They are ridiculously hot. And that last one. I'm glad I was sitting.