Thursday, May 13, 2010

Jacey Thursday: Underpants!

In recent weeks we've covered pics where Jacey's modeling career brought him into close contact with horses, virginal white and some whackadoo clothing. This week, I think we should reward ourselves with pictures of the only thing Jacey should wear...ever: Gotchies. Briefs. Underoos. Drawers. Skivvies. Yes - it's time for UNDERPANTS.

Here are some fundies. They're quite splashy.

Those are fine. I do like the last pair a lot, and I appreciate the poses. Oh, so very much. :) But in general, I think for those who have the goods, as Jacey clearly does, it's really unnecessary to dress it up quite that much.

Nice. :) I know boxer briefs are supah-cool these days, and I like them; but I have to admit of being a fan of the tighty-whities....

...but this...dear sweet tiny infant jesus:


Sugar Rae said...

These are my favorite pics so far!

sunystone said...

OMG...that last pic...dripping wet...tiny undies...yeah...where's my hubby when I need him?? Gawd those pics are HOT!!

Bouncy72 said...

SH*T, that was AWESOME!!! Lol, I don't know how Jack lets him out the house... :P