Monday, March 8, 2010

DD Chapter 12 photo teaser

How much epic fail can one starfish have? Not only was I late on posting Chapter 11, but I also missed my first weekly Jacey Thursdays post last week - and didn't realize it for 3 days. Gah.

I'm going to make up for my failyness by giving you this photo teaser for Chapter 12, featuring my lovely:

I love the hat; and though in chapter 12 I will refer to it in the American vernacular - to wit, ski cap - in my Canadian brain it is now, and will always remain, a toque.


Bouncy72 said...

Oh goodness. Yum!
This is my fav pic of him so far :)

sunystone said...

He has the most beautiful eyes....

He's so HOT! :)