Friday, March 19, 2010

Jacey "Thursday": The Closeted Years

I'm very sorry this is a day late - yesterday was a hellish day following a hellish night of little sleep (my itchy-twitchy, chicken poxy 6yo girl slept with me) so I crashed early. Now, let's move on to the good stuff:

I have no idea – NONE, mind – of Jacey Elthalion’s sexuality, nor will I postulate a theory on the subject. In my head, his sexual preference is often. :)

DD readers, though, know Jacey Dawes to be a happy homo, and so we lovingly refer to this post as The Closeted Years (click for full-size pics):

Sand Closet

Jungle Closet (or possibly an Atlantic City lobby – we’re not sure)

Beach Closet (Bonus: ass words on the woman’s bikini)

Perfume Closet (which does not make me mutter through my teeth, “Hands off him, b*tch...”)

Polo Closet? Hard to say for sure...kinda could go either way at this point. We recommend he stays away from the one on the far left...Skinnybones could take an eye out with that elbow.


Anonymous said...

the polo one? jfc he's hot in that one.

Sugar Rae said...

Those wonder he's the only one Jack wants to kiss. Sorry Karl.

Bouncy72 said...

Mhmm *closes eyes & replaces girl with Jack in perfume shot* - there...perfect! *grin*