Friday, March 26, 2010

Jacey "Thursday": Sun In

I'm not even going to comment again on how this is a day late. Seriously.

So I've noticed, in my Big Spank Bank of Jacey Elthalion, that there are a few pics where his hair looks really blonde. To illustrate, I present today's post: Sun In. (Do they still sell that stuff?)

City Sun-In

Hammock Sun-In

Tanned Sun-In

Hobo Sun-In?


Bouncy72 said...

Weird...he doesn't seem to fit the Jacey in my head in these, lol.

Bouncy72 said...

Hey hon, would you maybe consider posting the picture of Jacey you have in the background of your photobucket. Thanks :)

Kelly said...

yummmmm! its hobo jacey for the win!

pass said...

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Michelle said...

All very yummy and unknown to me, but I may prefer Ohlala magazine sun-in Jacey--really very blond in that photo available via googling. LOL

Thanks so much for sharing!

melj28 said...

No no no! While he's still extremely beautiful, I don't like the blondness at all. His appeal is in that dark, smoky, pouty look. Hard to be dark and smoky when you're a blonde. Though he's still got pouty down pat.

I found myself staring and getting lost in the photo you use as a background for photobucket instead of the pic I was supposed to be looking at.


Bouncy72 said...

Lmao, hey melj28 I couldn't agree more! Blonde Jacey just doesn't look right & damn that background pic is gorgeous!!!!