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Happy birthday, Bethie - EJ Santry!!

So, as you may know, one of my closest friends in the TwiFic world, EJ Santry, has also become one of my besties in real life. Bethie is not only a fic author herself, but is also well-known as a prolific (and organized) reviewer. Her sweetness and her wit draw others to her; and she has made an assload of friends in the Twi world.

Today, March 13, is Bethie's birthday. To thank her and wish her happy birthday, I've solicited some goodies from her friends in the fandom.


From ninapolitan:


From naelany:

A/N: It's EJSantry's birthday! I hope you enjoy your birthday drabbles!
SorceressCirce gave the prompts and beta'd this.
These are all EPOV from At The Deep End, spanning post-camp/pre-reunion.

Happy Birthday, EJSantry!!


I've been home for three days now and have barely talked at all.

Mom knows something's bothering me, but I just...can't. Every time I think of him, I want to curl up into a ball and cry, so I try not to think at all.

It doesn't work.

I'm on the swingset, just moving back and forth. It's as if this is the only place where my mind is able to let go, even just a little, my heart not quite so heavy as I'm able to remember happier days. Days filled with laughter, before...


This is wrong! Can't do this...have to stop...God, so good...No! Wrong, have to...can't...

My hands grasp strands of dirty-blond hair - trying to stop, to push harder, to pull away.

My eyes screwed tightly shut as I fight with myself.

The feeling of being swallowed, the tongue that's teasing me just close.

Gasping, I tilt my head back and moan, losing my battle as I come.

I blink away tears as light blue eyes gaze up at me. Not his.

Clothes back in place, he thanks me and steps out of the closet.

I remain - crestfallen and lost.


It's been two months since we moved, and I'm still getting used to Seattle-life. It's different, but I like it.

College started today; classes so far have been interesting. I get lots of looks, but I'm used to that.

Many things have changed in my life, except one. I'm still hiding, denying myself, trying to be what I'm not.

I ignore the looks of interest from men and women alike.

Class is about to start, and someone slips into the empty seat at my desk. I look up. She has brown hair and eyes, and she's smiling.

"Hi, I'm Bella."


My knee is bouncing, my palms sweaty, and I feel like I could throw up. Again.

Mom and Dad's eyes raise goosebumps on my skin, but I can't make myself look at them.

Bella places a calming hand on mine, and I swallow the bile that rises, leaving a bitter taste.

With a nod, I look at Mom. My voice is scratchy, barely above a whisper as I finally utter the words that will either set me free or haunt me forever.

"Mom...Dad..." My eyes flicker between them as I take a deep breath and plunge forward. "I...I'm gay."


The team's standing around me. Bella holds up a bowl of lime wedges and one with salt, while Emmett pours me a shot of tequilla.

As I lick my hand and sprinkle the salt, they start singing "Happy Birthday." I slam down the shot, pulling a face, causing some of them to falter. I quickly suck on the lime, vowing never to drink tequilla again. Gross!

But it's tradition.

As is the birthday-kiss.

I smile as he pulls me closer, his brown eyes gazing into mine. For a moment, I'm lost as his lips press to mine.

"Happy twenty-first, babe."


From algonquinrt:

A/N: There was only one thing I could possibly write for Bethie. Happy Birthday! Thank you for giving me the best misquoted review of all time. ;)

Baby Swan is already sitting on her futon, legs crossed, when I bring the popcorn in. She has Patron in a highball glass, and is alternately taking swigs and bouncing excitedly.

“Rich Kid, hurry the fuck up. We gotta get this on.”

I'm sure I'd facepalm if my hands weren't currently occupied carrying soda and popcorn. I set them down on the glass-topped coffee table and take a seat next to her.

“What are we watching?” I ask. I know I probably don't want to know, but I've already found in situations like this, it's best to prepare myself for whatever she's up to.

“Only the worst movie of all time. Of all time!”

I should run when she repeats her assertion, but, as with all things Baby Swan, I'm just not that smart.

She hits the play button on the remote, and I settle back with the bowl of popcorn on my lap. Ten minutes in, I move the popcorn to Baby Swan's lap before I puke into it, and reach for her glass of Patron. It's going to take a lot of tequila to get me through this. Meanwhile, she's pointing and giggling the entire time, actually repeating some of the horrible lines.

It's not until I listen to her recite the lines “Man, you know what I'd love to do, right now? Go down to Marie Callender's, get me a big bowl, pie, some ice cream on it, mmm-hmm good! Put some on your head! Your tongue would slap your brains out trying to get to it! INTERESTED? SURE?” in tandem with Christopher Walken that I finally lose it.

“Baby Swan, what the ever-loving hell is this fuckery?”

“Rich Kid,” she admonishes me. “I told you we were going to watch the worst films ever made. Gigli is the first film to ever sweep all major categories of the Razzies. Where have you been?”


From mozzer0906:

Happy Birthday Beth! I hope your day is filled with wonderful things.



From YogaGal:

Happy Birthday Beth!! I hope your b-day is super fabulous - just like you :D

Thanks to naelany for giving this a once over!

A Prompt: Seven Minutes in Heaven...and a drabble:


I stood in the closet, my eyes focused on the thin strip of light peeking in from the floor. I hated the dark, and they knew it too. My heart was starting to race, and I could hear it thumping at a rapid speed in my ears. My palms started to grow clammy and I was seconds from pushing against the door when suddenly it was yanked open and bright light flooded the space. It lasted only a second before somebody was shoved in with me and the door was closed again.

From outside the closet I could hear peals of laughter and the occasional thump on the door. My eyes readjusted to the darkness just in time to see a pair of glass green eyes staring straight at me. This had to be a joke. Why the hell would they shove him in here with me? Was I that much of a social pariah that they wanted to just throw me to the wolves? I didn't want to chance seeing the disgusted look on his face that I knew would be there. Instead, I turned away, desperate to hide the tears that were pricking at the corners of my eyes.

He coughed, and I couldn't help but respond to the sound. Looking up, I saw the worried look on his face.

"What?" I asked, my voice sounding stronger than I felt.

"What?" he echoed, but he didn't sound that sure. "I'm sorry. They just...they just tossed me in here. Thought it would be funny, I guess. We don't...we don't have to do anything."

"Obviously," I quickly said, so he wouldn't think any differently.

"Oh," came a quiet voice from the other corner of the closet, and I wasn't even sure I had actually heard it.

"Oh?" I challenged, figuring it couldn't get any more embarrassing.

"What? Oh, nothing. I mean... Yeah, obviously we don't need to do anything. It's a stupid game anyway. I just thought..."

He trailed off and I refused to let the knot in my stomach grow any bigger at the sound of his hesitation. But what if he meant..?

My thoughts were interrupted by the feel of his hand on my bare arm. The air between us grew thick and heavy and I could hear him breathing slowly. He took a step closer to me, but I made no move to come towards him. I also didn't back up. He must have taken that as permission, because seconds later his rough fingers were skimming my cheeks, trailing the skin between my chin and my ear. I felt his warm breath blow out a gust of air against my face before his chapped lips brushed up against mine. Before I was able to do anything, he had pulled back, the slight wetness on my lips the only remnant of what had just happened between us. I was about to ask him what had just happened and if...we could do it again, when the sound of a key rattling around in the door handle squashed any hope of that.

The bright glare hit my eyes and my arm went up to protect them. He pushed by Lauren, who was standing in the door frame, laughing her barely-there ass off.

"Aw," she pretended to pout, looking at me. "You boys not enjoy your seven minutes in heaven?"


From Siouxchef:

Happy happy birthday, fellow fish girl!
I hope your day is as wonderful as you are. Thanks for your fun and friendship and betrothal of your girl child to my boy child. It will save us a lot of heartache in the long run I think. Who knows, they could be the next Watts/Keith combo!



From Gypsysue:

Happy Birthday Beth, and many more to come. Gypsysue

Disclaimer: Ms Meyers owns Twilight and all its characters.

Family Matters

I was woken abruptly by a kick in the ribs by a very small foot. With a sigh I rolled over on to my side to look down at the little rascal that had been playing football with my ribs for the last two nights.

Jake hadn't been sleeping well after an incident at kindergarden. We were still trying to get to the bottom of it, but Jasper said to give it time. He would come around and open up when he felt ready, but I wasn't so sure. He would wake up screaming in the night and end up in bed with us. Not that I minded him being in bed with us, but that my ribs where having trouble with the whole concept.

Brushing the hair out of Jake's eyes, I leaned over and kissed his forehead to try and soothe the nightmare way; he had been lashing out quite a bit, managing to wake Jasper in the process.

"Edward, is everything alright baby?" Jasper asked, his eyes full of sleep and worry.

"Jake's just having another nightmare, love. We really have to do something about this. His teacher is at a loss as to what's going on too," I whispered, trying not to wake our son.

"I've been thinking about that too babe. I was wondering what you would think about enrolling him in a karate class. I think it could really help boost his confidence and help him with whatever it is he is going through," Jasper said, moving to a sitting position and reaching out to caress my cheek. I sighed softly at the contact and nodded.

"At this point, I would try anything love." Looking down at our sleeping boy, I sighed again. The worry you feel for your child can compare to nothing else on this earth. I lived and breathed for him, as did Jasper. His pain was our pain, but he refused to tell us what had him so upset.
Jacob was six months old when he came into our lives.

Jasper and I had been married for three years; we were twenty - three years old, having been married at twenty and dating since we were fifteen. When something is right, you just knowand it was love at first sight for us.

Jake's mother was a friend of my little sister Alice, who was fourteen when they met. They were best friends from school and did everything together, but one night everything changed for the both of them. There was a party on the reservation that night, Alice and Bella were excited to be going and since Bella's dad was friends with Billy and Harry, who would be supervising the celebration, so it was expected to be safe for them. What was meant to be a night of innocent fun, turned into a nightmare for Bella. The result was Jake.

Her father tried to help her as much as he could, but in the end it was my mother, Esme, who was adviser and friend for them both. Alice had been lucky; she had walked away with a Minor head injury, Bella was not so much. We adopted Jake after Bella realised that she couldn't look at him without flashbacks. She was adamant that he be with loving parents and we were more than happy to step up. It wasn't exactly how we envisioned having a child, but we fell in love with the little guy the moment we met him.

Four years later and we couldn't be happier to call him ours, even with his current dilemma.
Jasper's voice brought me out of my musings. "I will enroll him in classes tomorrow, they have them down at the youth centre. Garrett runs them." He smiled at me as his eyes started to droop.

"Go back to sleep love, we will talk about it more in the morning. Well, at a reasonable hour in the morning." I glanced at the clock; it was only three. Jasper was alseep again before I even finished the sentence, and the room was filled with the chorus of his and Jake's soft snores.

Jasper had Jake enrolled in the Saturday morning classes, and since today was Friday, I needed to get Jake to kindergarden and then go pick up his uniform for tomorrow. Rushing around to get breakfast, pack Jake's lunch, get coffee into my system and then head off to work myself, had me in a bit of a tail spin. I had not slept well last night, nor had I for the last few nights. I knew that karate would be a good thing for Jake, but we really needed to get to the bottom of what the real issue was.

Miss Hale was an excellent teacher and so great with the kids. She was a little abrupt with the parents though. It was like watching two seperate people when you would talk to her alone verses what she was like with the children. She was doing her best to get to the bottom of what was going on and we appreciated that greatly.

Miss Hale approached me as I made my way over to Jake's cubby, putting his bag in his assigned slot.

“Good morning, Mr. Cullen, if I could speak to you for a moment in private.” Her face was stony, and to be honest, I was a little afraid.

“Certainly. Jake, why don't you go play and I will come and say good bye before I leave.”

“Okay, Daddy.” Jake's voice was somber as he shuffled away and sat down in front of the play dough.

“Mr Cullen...”

“Please, call me Edward.”

“Okay, Edward. I had a phone call from one of the other parents last night. It seems her son, Mike and his best friend, Tyler, have been teasing Jake about you and your husband.” Her face screwed up slightly and I wasn't quite sure why, which made me rather uncomfortable. “Mrs. Newton heard the boys talking about it in Mike's room after school. Apparently, they were using words that only could have come from an adult. Words I will not repeat as I find them very distasteful.” And there we had what caused her to make that face.

I could only imagine what the words were and I had no doubt they came from Tyler's father. Mr. Crowley was one of the most bigoted men I had ever had the displeasure of meeting. He was also the reason that Jasper no longer did pick-ups for Jake. I insisted on it after he almost came to blows with Mr. Crowley over his intolerance and the filth that spewed from his mouth.

“I have asked both sets of parents to come in after school for a meeting and I would like you and Mr. Cullen to be there,” Miss Hale added.

“Sure, we will both be here. See you at three, Miss Hale.” I shook her hand and made my way over to Jake, who was sitting with Mike Newton. They were laughing and playing together nicely and I wonder just exactly what Mrs. Newton had said to her son to forge this reaction.

I stayed back a little and listened in on their conversation. “It must be cool to have two dads,” Mike was saying. “You have two people to play ball with and take you cool places, mommies are boring when it comes to boys stuff.” I couldn't help but chuckle at that.

“My daddies are awesome,” Jake said. “Wanna go play on the swings?” And it seems that was that. Kids can be so cruel and yet they could be so endearing.

I made my way over to Jake just as they were getting up to go play outside and he jumped into my arms.

“Daddy!” he yelled as he threw his tiny arms around my neck. I leaned down and breathed in his scent, a warm feeling filling my chest.

“Hello, Mr. Cullen,” Mike said, looking intently at his feet as he shuffled them back and forth.

“Hello Mike, how are you today?” I asked as I place Jake back on the ground. His little head snapped up and he gave me a big grin.

“Very good, thank you, Sir. I'm sorry I was mean to Jake.Mommy explained to me last night that some people have a mummy and a daddy, some have two mommies and some have two daddies and that Mr. Crowley is an ignor, ignor, umm,”

“Ignorant?” I offered.

“Yes that. Ignorant jackass.” He smiled wider and then asked, “What's an ignorant jackass?” I couldn't contain the laughter that spilled forth as I told him that he should ask his mommy that. He pouted and said she would tell him when he was older. And with that they ran off to play.

I called Jasper at work to explain everything I had found out and told him to meet me at the school at three sharp. He agreed only after a few expletives left his mouth, and grumbled about bringing Emmett. That was all we needed.

My brother Emmett, was beyond overprotective. He would beat up anyone who picked on me when we were growing up, and his tendencies to play protector increased the day we brought Jake home. He was already chomping at the bit to find out what was causing his nephew to be so sad and withdrawn,so I had no doubt that when Jasper called him to let him know, he would show up ready to beat Mr. Crowley's head in.

I groaned as I made my way to the store to pick up things for dinner and to get Jake's Karate uniform. Even though we had gotten to the bottom of this, I still thought it was a good idea to let Jake do this. He was very excited when Jasper told him that he would be starting classes tomorrow.

Three rolled around quickly and I pulled into the car park just in time to see Jasper and Emmett get out of Jasper's car. I groaned out loud and slapped my forehead. This was so not good. When I reached them, I pulled Jasper aside and told him exactly that.

“When I told him what happen, he insisted on coming. I told him it wasn't a good idea and that I didn't have time to go pick him up anyways, but you know your brother. He was waiting outside my office. What was I suppose to do?” Jasper's eyes gave him away. He was happy Em was here, no matter what he was saying.

“Whatever, lets just get this over with, and Em, keep ya mouth shut,” I growled out as we made our way to Miss Hale's office.

Mr. and Mrs. Newton were already there, as was Mrs. Crowley; her husband was the only one missing.

Quick introductions where made, where I found out Mr. and Mrs. Newton's names where Bob and Sally, and Mrs. Crowley's first name was Rachel; her husband's name she informed us was Matt.

Sally was the first on her feet followed by Bob. We shook hands as Sally apologized relentlessly for her son's behavior and promised it would never happen again.

“I have been in a mad panic all day. I even contacted my brother to find out just how bad this could be. My brother, David, is gay, happily married and raising a child, with his husband. Which is why this has been such a shock to me.” She laughed slightly before she added, “my brother was absolutely no help. He just said, all you can do is apologize and hope they accept it.”

Bob nudged her and said,“Honey, you're babbling again. Sorry about that, she tends to ramble when she's nervous.” He reached out his hand and shook mine, Jasper's and even Emmett's. “It's a pleasure to finally meet you, I just wish it was under different circumstances.”

Turns out that the Newtons were lovely people and a pleasure to talk to. Jasper even invited them over for dinner on Saturday night, which they accepted gratefully.

Rachel waited patiently for us to finish talking and then stood, her head bowed slightly and her cheeks tinted pink. She reached out her hand for me and placed her other one over the top of mine when I accepted her handshake. “I am so terribly sorry about all of this, I can not even being to describe how embarrassed I am by my ex-husbands behavior.” There was a collective gasp at that. I had no idea they were divorced and by the sounds of it, neither did anyone else.

“I'm sorry, I had no idea...” She raised her hand to cut me off.

“No one did. Matt wanted to keep it quiet. The thought of his wife, leaving him for another woman stung as you can imagine. Turns out, all of this is my fault.” She sighed softly and for the first time I noticed another woman sitting in the corner, slightly hidden from view. “This is my life partner, Maggie. We have been together for two years now. You would think Matt would have accepted it by now, but no. I can't apologize enough for his behavior and the horrible things he has been sprouting. I can only imagine what Tyler has been saying, considering the filth that comes out of Matt's mouth every time he comes to the house.”

I was completely gobsmacked as were the rest of the people in the room; all but Emmett and Miss Hale, who seemed to be totally oblivious to what was going on as they stared into each others eyes. Just lovely.

We all sat down and discussed what we were going to do about all of this, and by the end of the night, we walked away to four new friends and the possibility of a new family member. Seemed Emmett and Rose, as we were now told to call Miss Hale, hit it off extremely well and planned to see a lot more of each other.

By the time we got home and tucked Jake into bed, I was exhausted, but happy. Matt never did show up to the meeting, but we were assured that Rachel would take care of it. I was glad, especially since I knew if he had shown up, we would be down at the police station bailing Emmett out for assault and battery.

I crawled into bed next to my husband and curled up in his arms, enjoying the feeling of his skin pressed tightly against mine. “You know, it's strange that something so nice could come out of something so nasty,” I said before placing a kiss on Jasper's chest.

“Indeed. I'm looking forward to tomorrow night. Especially now that Rose and Emmett will be there,” Jasper chuckled.

“How about we forget about all of that and you focus on satisfying your husband?” I didn't have to ask twice as before I knew it, I was naked and enjoying all the benefits of being married to one of the most wonderful men in the world.

I was truly satisfied that night, twice.


From mspacman1:

Since I am not a writer, I can't write one of the most awesomely hot
oneshots ever, but I can wish you a happy happy birthday dearest. I
wish you all the best and I am grateful to be apart of the same fan
fic community as you bb. I hope you have an incredible day and that
you enjoy all of our love for you!


From Oh Jasper My Jasper:

My best birthday wishes!


A guttural cry tore from the pale skinned man as his orgasm ripped through him even as he continued to pump his hips into the tightly muscular ass of the olive skinned man laying beneath him.

"Yes! Keep going! Oh, God, James, fuck me hard! Fill me with your cum!" the man on the bottom implored as he pumped his hand furiously over his own cock, knowing he was close to the edge himself. There was nothing he loved more than feeling the hard prick inside him brushing against his prostate with each thrust while watching pleasure wash over the face of the man above him.

"Baby, I'm so close! I'm almost there," he informed as he felt the tension inside him escalate, rapidly approaching the point of no return.

James' eyes snapped open in sudden awareness and he looked down on his lover, first on the man's familiar face, merely average to the untrained eye, but simply beautiful to him, and then down to the hand that stroked the cock that was just about to release Laurent's essence all over the darker skinned man beneath him. He knew he could not let that happen. He was as parched for his lover's juice as a man wandering in the desert, and he wanted to drink this nectar directly from the hose. With will and determination he didn't know he possessed, he pulled out of the warm, tight confines of Laurent's ass and slid down on the bed, lowering his head to the other man's midsection and, when the man's hand slid to the base of his cock on a downward stroke, locking his lips around the engorged head. With his right hand he pried away the other man's fingers as he slid his lips down the pole, creating a powerful suction vacuum with his lips and mouth.

"Oh, Fuck!" Laurent cried, his hips lifting off the bed, his dick hardening in his lover's mouth the instant before it pulsed wave after wave of his Jizz down James' throat. Laurent felt the suction
ease, but he continued to thrash and writhe beneath the strong but soft lips that massaged his shaft, as James continued to slowly and gently bob his head while he drank his lover's offering.

"Oh My God," Laurent breathed minutes later, when his dick was finally sucked dry and beginning to soften. James shifted up along Laurent's body until the two men's faces were mere centimeter's away from each other, then pressed his mouth over Laurent's in a hard, passionate kiss. Laurent opened his mouth to the other man's tongue and moaned as the strong muscle explored the cavernous opening.

After a few moments James pulled back and looked deeply into Laurent's eyes. "Happy, Birthday, Love," he whispered.

Laurent closed his eyes and sighed, filled with complete contentment.


From MsKathy:

It was always his mouth that I focused on. Perfect lips. Soft, warm pink tongue.

His eyes could never fool me, never betray his emotions, no matter how hard he tried. His hands could soothe and ease my pain, even while he still felt his own intensely. His mouth, however, would never try. Never dare to let a half-truth out to me.

It was his mouth that loved me, whispered words of affection, that had proposed.

Wet and warm on my body, his mouth has brought me to the highest of highs and pulled me from the lowest of lows.


Dear Bethie,

I am so honored and privileged to be your friend. Every time I see your name in my email or twitter, I smile. You are a fantastic person, you have a good heart, and I am truly a better person for having the chance to get to know you and call you my friend. I hope you have the happiest of birthdays, because you deserve nothing less. I love you, bb.



From SorceressCirce:

A/N: Happy birthday, Beth! I hope you have an amazing day, and I wanted to do just a little something to help you celebrate. The prompts for these drabbles were provided by my partner in crime naelany - the other half of Whitlock-Masen. I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into Marked Jasper's past (and finding out just a little more about Paul)! Have a great one, lovely lady!



“No, you’re not,” are the first words out of Chuck’s mouth.

I gape, dumbfounded as he dismisses the admission I’ve struggled with, agonized over for years. Three little words that he thinks will negate who I am.

The family ignores him.

“How long have you known, dear?” My mother’s voice is careful, and I can hear the hurt she’s trying to hide – hurt that I have kept something so important from her.

“My whole life,” I answer quietly.

My father clears his throat. When I look over, he nods at me.

“What’s wrong?” Emily’s confusion is plain. “He’s still Jazz.”


My fingers fly over the keys as I grin, typing out my response to the question in the darkness of
my dorm room. The dim light of the monitor casts my roommate’s face in shadow.

He doesn’t know about me. No one does… no one except Paul, on the other side of the country. Paul, who has become my refuge and my solace, my source of acceptance and love during our late-night chats.

I take a deep breath, trying to still my racing heart as I stare at the screen.

PatsFan214: Can I come see you next month?

I tremble.


I hang my shirts in the closet, smiling at the room he’s left me. The shelf overhead is piled high with sweaters he bought for me because he knew I wouldn’t have any, moving to Boston from Texas.

When I walk back into the bedroom, he is there, sitting on the edge of his king sized bed – our bed. My cheeks heat at the memory of the times we’ve been together. I still can’t believe he’s real and I'm here.

He opens his arms to me, and I cross the room, kicking my boots under the bed, where they’ll stay.


Four months. Seventeen weeks that I’ve been here, cooking him breakfast and serving him dinner. He works long hours while I only have classes to attend, so I’ve taken on the brunt of housework.

I’m happy to do it.

He makes my heart flutter and my life brighten when he’s looking at me.

But so often lately, he’s not. He looks right past me, his eyes sliding over me like I’m not even as interesting as the furniture. I don’t know what to do.

I can’t lose him.

So I put on a smile and ask if he wants coffee.


The quilt is pulled up around my chin, held as tightly as my eyes are clenched shut. I will not cry. Not anymore.

Not again.

The hush of the living room of this foreign apartment is deafening. I met Eric only today, and I barely know Mike, swallowing my pride to call him as I needed somewhere to go – anywhere.

I ache. I long for something I know, for the familiar comfort of my own pillow.

The refuge of his strong arms.

But he cast me away like I was so much trash, just another broken couch on the sidewalk.


From starfish422:

Bethie, my lobster, I hope you have an absolutely wonderful day, full of love, family, laughter, alcohol, chocolate, good food and sweet smexin'.

Smooches infinity,

Set phasers on stunning! :)


Thank you so much to everyone who contributed birthday wishes to Bethie! Also, please feel free to leave more birthday wishes for Bethie in the comments section! <3>


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You'll get your present from me soon, though it will come via USPS instead of via blog.

You're one of the most awesome people I know, and I have learned so much from you.

WIth love and wonderful wishes for your birthday -

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Happy birthday, Beth! You are fantastic, and I hope you have an amazing day :) I wrote a little something as well, but I was *always* so it's on the WM blog. A little glimpse into Markedsper's past with Paul and his family.

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