Saturday, March 20, 2010

A whack of slash recs from Starfishy

It has been far too long since I recommended new stories here; hell, it's been far too long since I read anything new. A serious dearth of updates in my box sent me, last night, on a recon mission for new slash. I discovered several absolutely delightful one-shots, and one amazing new serial story I'm very excited about. :)


The first is an utterly engrossing one-shot from annanabanana, called Bulletproof.

When Jasper receives a long term photo assignment in a region of conflict, an unexpected colleague's presence complicates the next three months of his life. Written for TwiFansForHaiti. AH E/J Rated M for language and lemony lemonstuffs.

This is annanabanana's first venture into the slash genre, and it was just delicious. Annanabanana's prose is richly-textured; her description of settings and people brought me into the story, but didn't distract me with an overabundance of details. Her research into her subject made my heart sing. In short, I loved it tremendously, and it will reside in my favourites list ad infinitum.


Next up I recommend not one, but two one-shots by Whitlock-Masen, the name under which Naelany and SorceressCirce collaborate. The first, Tell Me What You See, was written for AmyMorgan arising from the Support Stacie auction.

Geeky Edward has been dating free spirit Jasper for about half a year now. When Edward comes home from BlizzCon and sees Jasper with another man, all his worst fears about himself are confirmed. A Support Stacie story for AmyMorgan. OOC, Slash, JxE

Self-doubt can be our worst enemy, particularly when everything we hate about ourselves has been used by someone else as reasons not to be with us. Edward's old boyfriend used that very tactic; so when he shows up for a date with his new boyfriend Jasper, and sees him with a man whom Edward sees as his own polar opposite, his self-confidence is rattled once again.

The second Whitlock-Masen fic is Alpha Xi Omega.

Edward Cullen is a college sophomore enjoying the typical fraternity life with the added complication of being gay. When he finds himself obsessing over one of his frat brothers, he wonders just how possible his fantasies might be. Support Stacie, ExJ, AH

In terms of pure sexiness, this fic is in my top five - no question. The UST between Edward and Jasper is pulsingly hot.

I envy Naelany and SorceressCirce their ability to truly collaborate on fics. The fact that they've written numerous collaborations (which are so effing fabulous) illustrates that they've discovered in each other, something which brings out the best in each of them. I am not cut out for collaborations; I applaud those who make it work so well. :)


TeamBoyLove is next with Seeing Things:

Edward makes a startling discovery that sends him running to his best friend...where he makes an even more startling discovery. Entry for the NO BELLA ALLOWED contest. AH/AU/OOC/SLASH

There have been so many great contests in the fandom since the start of the year, and the No Bella Allowed contest is just one of the great ideas. (I've never written a character named Bella...ever. ;) This story, from someone whom I assume is a new author, is fun. In the face of what could be a a weighty situation, it is actually pretty light; and ends with a lovely little treat that I know to be a favourite among many Twi fans!


Miztrezboo has been reading my stuff for a bintillion years now and is an incredibly prolific author herself! It's my pleasure to pass along a lovely morsel from her: Bad Hair Days

A little Slashy Jasward just for RobotMoose and the Support Stacie Auction. A cut too short, a moment too long and a dinner party that they may not make on time... AH

This snapshot isn't just about reassuring your lover that they look gorgeous; it's about reconnecting after a period of time apart. There are a couple of chuckle-out-loud moments and a whole lot of smexy, teasing sweetness.


The last of my one-shot recs is Just Breathe by bmango, whom I've had the pleasure to get to know as a reader.

Edward is taken to a concert by his brother for his birthday, but he runs into a little trouble. Luckily, Jasper is there to save him. Written for SorceressCirce's birthday. AH, OOC.

This story is based on the Pearl Jam song of the same name (a freaking awesome song, btw), and is pure lemony goodness.


And now, for a gift that will keep on giving (updates in my box, that is), an amazing, unique and fantastically well-written serial fic: I Wept Not, by ArcadianMaggie. Mags is yet another writer whom I've gotten to know as she's read OTT and DD. I can't tell you how happy it makes me to recommend so many fics by people I know and respect. :)

Jasper is a war weary soldier burdened by the weight of eternity. Edward is an uncomplicated high school student content to hide his sexuality. Together can Jasper find something to live for and Edward discover some things are worth dying for? J/E Slash

This fic is soooo unique, in that it's currently to chapter 6 and Edward and Jasper have yet to exchange a single word. Nevertheless, I'm promised that their so-far separate journeys will coalesce; and honestly, that promise is not why I'm reading. The twist in this story is that, while the Cullen coven exist and came to Forks on the canon timeline, Edward is not a Cullen - he's a very human Masen who has lived in Forks all his life.

Maggie has gotten inside the psyche of the vampire Jasper, beginning with his change and, so far, continuing up to the moment he met Alice. His dissatisfaction and, eventually, his utter despair at the life he feels he will never escape; the constant bombardment of others' emotions; the moments of pleasure afforded him during his years as a vampire soldier...every bit is authentic and wonderfully-written.

The human Edward's story is told just as well; and this facet of the story contains a delightful, unique little twist that I have never, ever seen before in the fandom - not once! I won't spoil the surprise but I'm sure you'll spot it as quickly as I did.


Thank you to all the writers of the above stories who gave me an evening of pure reading pleasure last night. :)

Your sister in slash,
Katie Starfish xoxo


Miztrezboo said...

awe Katie! You totally made me blush! Thank YOU for taking the time to read.. it truly made my day!


naelany said...

Oh my! Thanks Katie!!! I'm all giggly and blushy at your words. You rock, bb

Bouncy72 said...

NOOOOOOO...Lol. I knew I shouldn't have read this post :)
*grin* I'm so behind on my reading but these all look to good. Thanks for the recs. ♥

SorceressCirce said...

You made my weekend with your recs and your kind words! We were touched by your reviews and might've done a little fangirl squealing ;) I am blessed to have found an amazing collab partner in Nae, and I'm so happy you enjoy our work! Thanks so much, lovely!

ArcadianMaggie said...

Thank you so much for your lovely recommendation of my story (the others are fab as well -- love them all!). Your stories have given me so much enjoyment that I'm glad mine is now giving you a little in return. :)

- Maggie xoxo

bekahmango said...

Seriously grinning like a mad fool over this. Thank you so much for your rec. This means a lot to me, especially as that was my first slash attempt and you are one of my favorite slash authors.

Big hugs and kisses! -b