Thursday, June 17, 2010

Jacey Thursday: Merely a Formality

I love men in suits. Casual or ultra-formal, doesn't matter to me. I love a suit and tie; and what a long way men's suits have come in my lifetime, thanks to men like Giorgio Armani and Hugo Boss.

This week's post is a classic chicken-or-egg dilemma: do the clothes make the man or does the man make the clothes?

This is non-traditional but I *love* it, right down to the daisy on his lapel. How awesome for, say, a yacht club wedding.

Not every man would agree to wear this, but the suit is cut so well that it looks fantastic on. Love the scarf-as-ascot. Our boy looks great with his hair pulled back, too. :)

GAH. Here come the men in black...holy hanna, this is gorgeous.

I'm so glad men's formal vests are back - and not in that awful 70s 3-piece style, but as a replacement for the suit jacket. This looks amazing and so classic. I know I protested loudly when J cut his hair, but pictures like this one eased the pain somewhat. ;)

Pardon the superfluous individual in the next two. It's just...this is the Jacey I fell in love with.

(Pics are a couple of years old, but does anyone think that woman might be Camilla Belle with extensions? Who else has eyebrows like that??)

Finally, it's a close-up and so there's not much of the whole getup included, but the cufflinks *do* seem to indicate a previous state of more formal dress...

This photo also won today's unofficial Twitter poll to be the new Jacey pic for the DD slideshow, above.


melissa said...

*sigh* I have to say there are VERY few things sexier than a men in a suit.

I am now going to force my hubs to dress up!

Starfish422 said...

There's very little for which my hubs *has* to dress up, but when he does...UNGH. He looks so gorgeous. :)

Bouncy72 said...

*dreamy sigh* He does look lovely in these. I love the all in black one. & the one that won the twitter thing is yum too. (still think all black or dark suits with no white breaking it are my fav)