Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday Jackspiration: The Closet

Well, we covered Jacey's closeted years so let's have a look at Jack's indiscretions too. Just my luck that these are among my favourite looks of his. The brunette is from his Dunhill London work, and the blondes are from Whatever Works, which I have on my computer but haven't watched yet.

"I'm pretending I'm straight...what do I do here? Chin to the boob?...that's a good start..." (and UNGH, the chin cleft!)

"I've never been inside such a" (We've got hot "cars" too, Jackie, if you're looking)

"::sigh:: I'm on a boat, it's a romantic night, and I have fluffy blonde hair blowing in my face. Maybe she'll fall asleep." (More wine and turkey?)

"If I lift just a bit she'll flip out the window and then I'll go pick up Jacey and then..." (and Starfish will take it from there)

"Is the ponytail supposed to be right on top of her head? It's so distracting...focus on her eyes...can't...look...away..." (Neither can we - let this be a lesson to us all)

"This isn't looking good...maybe if that guy over my shoulder keeps yelling she'll get distracted and I can make a break for it." (We could yell too, if you like)

"Well, at least the ponytail's gone - I guess that's something." (Remember soft brown hair and lush lips, Jackie?)

"And now her mother?? That's it - sorry, women, it's time you knew the truth. I'm in love with a boy named Jacey..." (Yay! Suck it, bitch!)



BeCullen said...

*snort* you crack me up. Yes, it is a little disorienting seeing "Jack" with women. lol Oh I love the new pics on the slideshow. Is is bad that I want to gouge Matt's eyes out when his pic comes up(although I love Steve Sandvoss)? Oh well, I do get a little obsessive about your stories. hehe

Bouncy72 said...

*giggle* The weird thing is, I totally see him saying all that. Heaven forbid I ever watch anything with him in with a woman.

Lol, my fav line from here... "I'm in love with a boy named Jacey..." (Yay! Suck it, bitch!)" - Amen to that!!
- great post :)
...glad he's out the closet now ;)