Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday Jackspiration: Srs Bsns

Unlike my Jackie, HCav is the totally furthest thing from "brooding". Even in "serious" poses, I swear there's a little smirk there always on his lips. Finding some srs bsns poses was a bit of a challenge.

I found some, though, and surprise! There's just nothing this guy can do to not be drop-dead gorgeous.

No smiles here...'cept the one on my face. :)

Wow, he's so young in this one, maybe he hadn't *learned* to smile yet.

Knightly consternation.

Woah. What's going on here? Angry rolling on the ground leads to angry sex...I'm just saying. look like you need some help...just let me undo your belt...

This last picture is exactly how I picture Jack's hair. I know Henry's hair gets shaggy and it curls all over the place; and sometimes he has it cut very short. This is it, for me.

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BR549 said...

...sigh... I love Saturdays :-D